2019 USAC MTB National Championships


Lived in Summit for 10 years, now in Boulder. Have raced the WP series here and there as well as the Summit County races. Pretty fun. Have only done Ridgeline once and that was enough. Kitty litter and just boring. I may do Battle the Bear this year, but eh I don’t know. If they’re qualifiers, sure. But, a lot of us are going to Soldier Hollow.
You guys doing the Firecracker? Now that is a fun race.



I want to do Firecracker but I never end up doing it because it is my kids favorite day of the year (Frisco Main Street 4th of July parade) and I would miss the whole thing with them.

My tentative plan is to do Ridgeline, Battle the Bear and then Fangdango to get in the three necessary USAC sanctioned XC races ahead of registration opening in late May. I was warned by a teammate that you want to be qualified ahead of registration opening since Nationals sells out…but no idea if that likely or not.

I wish Soldier Hollow was in the cards…looks like an awesome event.



Just saw you live in Steamboat. I’ll be there for the Stinger and Steamboat Stage Race if I don’t go to Gateway Cup instead.



XC Course Intel:
Expect a 4.5 mile lap, with an 8-10 minute fireroad climb to start. Followed by a 5-minute-ish fast/rough, single & double track decent. Then circle back with 7-10 minutes of single & double track w/ rolling punchy climbs and medium tech back to start/finish (resort base).
All existing roads/trail that they use in some order in their summer race series every year. You’ll want full-suspension and fairly aggressive tires (ie. durable casing and good grip).
I’d expect 5 laps for pro men, 4 laps for pro women, 4 laps for masters/cat1, 3 laps and 2 laps as you go down catergories (estimating).
So looking forward to it. Going to be great.



This is awesome!

Any chance you could make a route to represent it? I know it could change, but would be super helpful!



I’m riding Leadville, which is the same weekend as the stinger. Too bad I’ll miss the stinger, as its a great race. Got to love the whiskey, beer and bacon aid station :+1:t3: