235km, over 4000+VM, with 3 HC climbs, thoughts on Sustained and Century vs Sustained and Climbing plans



Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is the event, in Victoria, Australia, just in a discussion for the 2 planning methods above and was wondering if any coach could offer advice.

For the record I’ve done the event twice,

2014 10hrs 53m with just general fitness
2015 9hrs 51ms with fluid trainer using HR zones, long rides and commutes

Im thinking Sustained and Century with one long ride a week, may supliment some commutes for lighter TR sessions, but mainly trying to determine difference between Century and Climbing.




I’m also planning on doing this event and interested in any advice from the coaches re the appropriate plans and additional training that might be helpful


Using the Base Build Specialty focus, this is what Im planning.

I have two more weeks of Sweet Spot, then will start Sustained Power Build - High Volume which takes me through to end of this year and then Century High Volume leading up to the event in March.

Hopefully Ill be a beast by then :slight_smile: I have noticed significant improvement already and was surprised with my power and endurance last week on Falls Creek, Hotham and Tawonga Gap.

As its coming into Summer and great time for riding outdoors, will need to match a few outdoor rides along the way.



Sounds Similar to my plan, actually its the same…I will swap out some of the easier indoor days for Commutes and one long ride outside on Sat or Sun…I completed a Base, Sustained and Climbing road race once before Amys Gran Fondo and could not believe how much I improved…Good luck