3 x 20 mins @ sweet spot = 60mins @ sweet spot?


Definitely not 80/20 in TR.

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My coach regularly prescribes me a 1x60 sweet spot workout, which I do outside on a circular road in a park. Outside I find this isn’t too hard and works pretty well for me, and is a more efficient use of my time than if I had to take a break every 20 mins. Whenever I have do do it on the trainer (usually due to either rain or darkness in the winter months) I will always split it up into 3x20. A 60 minute effort on the trainer is much more painful/mentally taxing than outside!


Please expand on your thinking. Why would you not need recovery?
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When I last did Cumberland +1 I recall thinking that most of it was not in my sweetspot zone.
It is advertised as a ss workout and yet does not hit TR’s own definition of sweetspot.


TR SS Zone is 88-95% of FTP. Cumberland +1 runs the bulk of the workout between 85-90% of FTP.

So, the workout skirts the bottom range of the SS Zone and Tempo. I could see this workout maybe more accurately listed as a “Tempo/Sweet Spot” workout. But As they mentioned several times in the cast, these Zone division lines are more blurry than definite, and the overall benefit and strain on the body is close enough to SS to be listed as that type.


Except that their definition changes depending on where you look:



And the “inventor” of SS defines it as 84-97%:

Fuzzy wuzzy…




Why don’t you just do a workout variation listed; Hunter-4
It’s 90min and targets similar adaptions. This was why variations were created.


I’ve wondered the same thing, are there any substantial benefits of doing the 120min Hunter -1/-2 over the 90min Hunter -4?

Hopefully not because I’ve been substituting in Hunter -4 every time a Hunter workout is prescribed in SSB2. I try to increase the intensity by 5-10 watts on the 2nd and 3rd 20min intervals. I don’t feel the 12min recovery intervals are needed.


FWIW they’re not the same workout in a cumulative training load sense.

Hunter -1 carries an extra 25% TSS with it for that half hour in the saddle. Many of the + variants of workouts add on endurance riding along with the rest intervals to keep IF manageable at the higher overall training load.

If you’re working to improve fitness, creeping up training stress is typically done in this way to build aerobic capacity and avoid burnout from too much intensity. Hence all the + workouts in the higher volume plans.

I share the opinion that time in zone is time in zone, but without progressively adding volume you’re going to be doing maintenance, not improving long term.


You are either trying to move your power UP or OUT, as in doing 20min at progressively higher power or doing the same initial power but at longer times, 30-40-60mins.

TR tries to both at the same time. Take SSBMV for instance. First workout is 3x12 @85% and last workout (in SSBMV2) is 3x30 @90%.

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