A flaw in the TrainerRoad business model? ;)


As mentioned above I am UK based and disagree.

Most people I know are comfortable paying subscriptions for Netflix, amazon, strava premium etc.



I understand it. Why? Because it simply looks like a very important message (in your example; 2 of them) or major issues with your account, which need your immediate attention. Maybe something with you credit card, something with you subscription, maybe something with your password.

Instead it’s only some referral stuff.


I’m probably just used to ignoring these kind of things… emails, notifications, bank statements, debt letters… :joy:



The problem I have with that (ignoring) is… I trust TR very very much. TR has become some sort of “holy place” for me. If I’m forced to apply my internal “ignoring filters”, TR will loose it’s hard earned trust. And that results in… not being a customer any more. But at the end it doesn’t matter. I’m nobody. And just one of ten thousands.


Some people are unable to rest until all notifications are gone.

A colleague of mine had hundreds of unread emails thanks to her receiving hundreds every day. She is quite capable of ignoring them but has run into lots of people who couldn’t cope with there being unread messages just left to sit.


I only talk to people on TR, so referral is no use to me :slight_smile: . I would like the option to delete the referral as it is annoying to see “3” for ever and a day


This thread seriously makes me wonder. If people biggest issue us a small red number on the side of screen then shows what an amazing job @nate and team are doing. Hope referrals get as much business your way as possible to secure and improve TR future - you guys deserve any and all success! The podcast is best marketing you can do though!


I saw some designers talk about the number today, I think they are going to try another color, maybe a grey so that it’s less obtrusive.


You can’t even buy Microsoft office any more. It’s all subscription


I’ve got to say I also agree, I’m UK based and more than happy to pay a subscription (not necessarily the case 3-4 years ago.

My one exception is something like the MSOffice suite, the updates aren’t big enough to warrant upgrading all the time (saying that I get a BIG discount through work so may feel differently if I had to pay RRP…)


That was my plan, but I don’t need to hide it, because my cycling friends have stopped cycling and will start again in April… having been faster and stronger than them all this year, I don’t see next year being any different … a few have purchased smart trainers, but probably be a novelty till jan…


A workaround, unfortunately a not very gentleman-like solution:


waste/fill the form with random fake e-mail addresses, so your referrals get used. --> No referrals, no notification.

Im going to wait and see what …

…will bring up.


Now I have looked at what the red number means I am not too bothered about whether or not it is there.
However it is likely that any genuine alert re your account will be ignored by most users as they will assume it is just a referral warning.


Is there any case other than the referrals where these red numbers pop up? I’ve not seen them before.


This forum displays red numbers all over the place showing “unread count”… people must be absolutely freaking out :scream::see_no_evil:


More of a pink, more subtle :wink:


Just give away your referrals and be done with it?

TR is easily the best thing I’ve done and I have no issue in recommending to everyone…except my closest rivals, of course :ghost:


Much better now. I can rest easy…


It’s been updated, I think it looks really good now. It’s grey by default and red when you hover. Design did a good job.

What do ya’ll think?

note: if our referrals drop off a cliff we might have to put more thought into this.


looks great, its no longer a “red alert”