Add IF to mobile app calendar page



It would be helpful to see the IF to the right of the TSS on the calendar mobile app. There is a ton of real estate to display the IF. It provides a quick glance at how hard upcoming workouts will be. Screenshot mockup:






Me 3.




Hell Yeah! Need to psych myself up to some of higher IF workouts.




Having IF for past and future workout in the web calendar would be great as well.


Hi @Nate, is this something the team will consider in a future update (web version of the calendar, iOS mobile app) ?

In the iOS mobile app, the IF information is available if you only go to “Training Plan” section, then select a training plan and from there you see the list of all workouts with the IF displayed - which is great to assess what’s in the plan.

However, when opening the web Calendar or the calendar on iOS, this information is not displayed for past and future workouts. This is valuable information to check your achievements and to understand what’s coming up.

Keep going with the awesome work !!!




I’d like to see this too


Yes, we’ll add this. It’s part of a bigger improvement that we’re working on.


Awesome, thanks :ok_hand:.


Thanks Nate! Love everything you guys are doing.