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Hello All, I hope someone can help me figure that out. I subscribe to a Strava challenge and any ride I will attempt on TR will not add the millage to this challenge
I tried to edit the ride after completion from a ride type to a Virtual ride and changed it to “Workout”. Re-sync the app but still no avail.
Any ride with Zwift automatically added to the Strava Challange. Could someone help me to discover where I am making the mistake?
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Strava rules for Nov distance challenge (

Manual entries, trainer rides, or rides marked ‘Private’ will not count towards your Challenge effort.

At some point Strava must have decided that Zwift wasn’t a trainer ride, because it has its own engine to estimate speed (and ignore virtual speed reported by trainer).

My TR workouts with Kickr are recorded with ‘Kickr virtual speed’ and by default Kickr virtual speed uses flywheel speed. For the same effort, I can get 15mph average in small chainring and 20mph in large chainring. So it seems the reasoning by Strava is that trainer distance is not realistic, and therefore will not count toward distance challenges.

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Additionally, only some Strava challenges will accept Zwift mileage. Most do NOT allow Zwift mileage.

The ones that do are usually a co-branded challenge and promotion for a Zwift parallel event.


Thank you for the reply
Just in lame English to confirm

I cannot use TR Millage for the strava challenges.

Am I correct ?

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Many Thanks for your reply
Much appreciated

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