Adding other workouts to calendar



Anybody know why - sometimes when I add a workout to the calendar (run, swim, core etc), sometimes it appears as light gray/barely visible, sometimes it’s bold and black? and when I add a swim workout, it doesn’t calculate/estimate a TSS? Thanks.


Can you post a screen shot of the 2 conditions?


Would you mind taking some screenshots of the light grey vs bold and black workouts? I’m not exactly sure what could be causing this, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we do not have a formula for predicting Swimming TSS at this time :pensive:. For now, I would recommend using this TrainingPeaks resource to calculate your TSS and then manually enter it in the TSS box:


does this help?




It looks like a simple difference between ones in the past, vs ones on the current or future day.


Unless I’m missing something the light grey ones are the past skipped workouts.


I did the same thing. When you add in a workout, you have to click the “DONE” box. This will turn it black and add the TSS to your total.




BINGO!!! thank you so much!! that’s been driving me nuts.