Adding triathlon plan to calendar without run/swim workouts




In the new calendar feature is there a way to add a triathlon plan without adding the run/swim workouts? I use Garmin to plan those so would rather just have the TR workouts on the calendar.



No, there’s no way to do that.


Thanks for the update Nate. A nice feature in the future would be to have the option to easily delete workouts from the calendar view without having to click into each workout to delete.


Why would you want to do this? Why not plan it all in TR? Is this so the workouts get sent to your watch?


The main reason is I’ve got a collection of custom run/swim workouts (which include interval duration’s/workout notes/intensity etc.) in Garmin that I can easily drag/drop onto the calendar. If TR implemented adding a custom workout (from a personal collection) to the calendar though I’d definitely consider doing all the planning in TR.


For me it would be workouts on the watch that plus the feature to replace the RPE with say a pace for running so I have the same structured workouts that I have for rides

With a few tweaks it would move me away from Garmin Connect


This is exactly the thought process I’m working through right now in my planning. I like doing the Slowtwitch “guppy challenge” every year, so will substitute those workouts for the swim portion of the triathlon plan.


I was desiring the same thing. The reason I would this is that currently I have a shoulder injury so I am not currently swimming. I have been doing the cycling portion of the Sprint Triathlon plan (mid volume) and then just run on the off days (essentially a duathlon plan, which I wish TR had).

I could just delete the swimming and then manually adjust the running. But I’m not sure if that is easier than just manually adding the right cycling workouts.

Either way, it’s all good stuff. Keep it up.


I also wish there was a duathlon series of plans.


I would like this feature also (bike workouts only for triathlon). The current triathlon plans impose on you a fixed number of swim and run workouts per week that will not fit how many workouts people actually do.

Also, I only use trainer road for biking and Training Peaks for my overall calendar. No offense, but the Training Peaks calendar is a lot more powerful and feature rich compared to your new calendar. So I only want Trainer Road for triathlon biking.

If you want this feature to work better for most people, I think it should at least ask how many swim and run workouts you do in a week. That way the plan will be tailored to each individual. For example, I could enter zero for swim and run and be perfectly happy. Others might run 5 days a week, and the current structure doesn’t account for that, short of manually entering every workout to fit your plan.


I am going to plan the whole tri training setup in TR. Still Use Garmin Connect to build and send run workouts to my watch, but manually fill in the TR values as well. If I do extra sessions I will just log them as well. Going to trial this and see if it replaces my TP account.


I’ll add my voice to wanting this feature. I follow a BarryP style of running, and swimming is largely done with a squad.

Also, I belive that many triathletes may not be at equal levels across all three disciplines. So using a set plan for all three is tricky.


It’s true, but if you follow a run and/or swim plan that’s radically different from the tri plan, then the bike plan won’t fit.

I use the whole plan in the calendar, but modify the run/swim keeping it broadly inline with the distance or exhertion. Modify the details after marking it as completed.