Aero Deep Dive in The Specialized Win Tunnel – Ask a Cycling a Coach 188



TBH I wish I had gone skinsuit, aero helmet, and a slightly faster tire than the Mezcals. With the headwind on the way back from Twin Lakes, I feel like that would have saved a lot of energy.


True. However power varies with the cube, so the decrease at lower speeds is exacerbated even more. The main takeaway is the relative benefit vs the absolute power impact.

Showing benefits in terms of % time savings is likely a better way to show these.


Yeah. Change to an aero position, and the impact of the skin suit may be less. It all depends on the measurement methodology used, which many of these studies don’t report, as the claims are often used for marketing purposes.


I’ll be doing aero helmet, lower position with longer stem, TOGS grips on bar near stem, and conti race king pro tires.

Won’t do skin suit, but will have form fitting shorts / jersey. Main reason is I have trouble finding a chamois that works for long rides, and I’ve finally found one that works, so will stick with that.


True but, what I was getting at was a 30W savings from that Cervelo frame + 20W savings from those Zipp NSW wheels does not equal 50W gained overall.


40kmh (24mph) at 370w. Either you’re going up a ramp or a giant, surely.

I’m 1.87m and 80+kg and 370w would likely put me in the 45-50kmh bracket on a still day in the real world, particularly on a flat well paved road.

To that point I’ve ridden at 50kmh (30mph) on the flat at ~300w. No skin suit. Kask Protone. Fairly aero position on the hoods. :man_shrugging:


With a tailwind no doubt.


Potentially, I’ve had a look at the road direction and if there was any wind it’d be a cross-headwind with our prevailing wind, but it wasn’t particularly windy. avg 28.1mph @251w albeit only for a minute. It’s a rare case point though. Usually need far more effort for those speeds. :man_shrugging:


we had a 20mph wind on Wed group ride, averaged 30mph down a 4 mile stretch (only tailwind of the ride). The lead rider put out 317W, the six behind him with power meters were 216-247W. That guy has been winning a lot of Zwift races, and came out for the Land Park Crit last weekend and took a 3rd in 35+ 4s and 6th in Elite 4s.