Aero Deep Dive in The Specialized Win Tunnel – Ask a Cycling a Coach 188



Guess I’m that +3cm/kg guy…so you think M would fit me?
At most I’m concerned about the height chart which is almost 10cm low but that problem seemed to be the same for you and you say it has worked out…so?
Rest should be ok so I’m just about to buy…


I think you should go for the medium, specifically due to the height.


I’m just guessing here, but I think a Small would be good for someone in the 5’9 to 5’11 range at between 145-160lbs.


Was thinking L or M. But if you have no problem with S even if your height is 10cm more than recommend for S, then I could go by M I guess (want a good fit, no flapping around).


Those are some seriously low pressure recommendations! If I’m reading the chart right, I’m inflating my 25mm tire to 66psi and the 23mm tire to 68 psi?! Is this for mountain biking or road?


I have a medium LS skinsuit. At 181-2cm and 75Kg it fits pretty good north to south but, I wish it were a little tighter around. If I could do it again I’d buy a small.