Aero Dropbars and Sprinting

Hello Everyone,

Don’t know if this topic has been addressed but I’m curious about your experience(s) with Aero Drop Bars and Sprinting.

This previous season I bought a set of Bontrager Racelite Aero bars and they were a disaster. Despite the claim that they had a 4 degree flair, I had a lot of impingement on my wrists, constant bruising and actually pain, so much so that I was quite discouraged from sprinting.

Do you have recommendations for a better bar option? Position tips (I keep fairly neutral body position over top of the stem letting my bike move while trying to remain stable) or similar experiences and what you did to resolve this issue?

Thanks so much!


Based on comments from several in the main Enve podcast (and a few others) I suspect the TR crew would recommend these:

Around 14 minutes in, I think.

Keep in mind the flair on the enves is pretty extreme and their sizing is based on the drops and not the hoods. Before you drop $400, Enve is very proud of them, make sure you’re going to fit the extreme position they are going to put you in.

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