Aero Handlebars+Clip-Ons


Searched TR forum but couldn’t find anything…

Any suggestions for an aero handlebar that supports/fits clip-on aerobars? :man_shrugging:



Selcof used to sell an aero drop bar & separate tri-bar extension kit.

They still sell the bar & it has the threaded openings to put the aero extensions on…but I don’t think Selcof sell the aero extensions sepearate from a time trial base bar anymore:

Here is their time trial cockpit:


Bontrager Elite Aero Handlebars, the carbon fiber XXX Aero is also compatible with clip-on aerobars. I have the Alu on my bike with the RedShift Sports Quick Release Aerobars.

The Profile Design DRV/AEROa (man, what a name) is an Alu aero handlebar that’s clip-on compatible.

I’m trying to find confirmation, my recollection is that the carbon fiber 3T Aeronova supports clip-on bars… but the Alu ‘Pro’ model should be fine.


The Giant SLR works with their own clip on aerobars, on the pricey side for sure.

There are also a handful of stem mount options that should work with almost any handlebar. Like the discontinued lightening strike -


I have the same question. Looking for something that will clip on to the S-Work Aerofly’s on my Venge, anyone have any suggestions?


Clip on bars for road aerobars are typically customized by the road bar manufacturers as far as I am aware of.

The venge vias handlebar has its own propriety clip on bars:

Enve have their own for their ses aerobar:


I went ahead and purchased the selcof aero dropbar/tribar extension combo mentioned in the above post. My plan is to put it on the gravel bike I’d also like to try it on the NK1K for those stage races that have a mini TT as an introductory stage…that way I could set up for the TT & then take the aerobars off, move the seat back, and use the same bike for the crit & RR.


Do you know of any stem mounted options that still exist? Can’t seem to find the Lightning Stryke anywhere.


First of all, I don’t have any connection to PlanetX & Selcof other than I have purchased these handlebars & extensions for my gravel bike.

Second of all, PlanteX just put the drop bar/aero extension combo on sale fo 99 pounds. Cable (GBPUSD) is 1.3 right now so you’re looking at about $130 for the whole thing. That’s a pretty good price for just the drop bars. And, sadly, I just paid $80 more for them!