Aero Handlebars+Clip-Ons


Searched TR forum but couldn’t find anything…

Any suggestions for an aero handlebar that supports/fits clip-on aerobars? :man_shrugging:



Selcof used to sell an aero drop bar & separate tri-bar extension kit.

They still sell the bar & it has the threaded openings to put the aero extensions on…but I don’t think Selcof sell the aero extensions sepearate from a time trial base bar anymore:

Here is their time trial cockpit:


Bontrager Elite Aero Handlebars, the carbon fiber XXX Aero is also compatible with clip-on aerobars. I have the Alu on my bike with the RedShift Sports Quick Release Aerobars.

The Profile Design DRV/AEROa (man, what a name) is an Alu aero handlebar that’s clip-on compatible.

I’m trying to find confirmation, my recollection is that the carbon fiber 3T Aeronova supports clip-on bars… but the Alu ‘Pro’ model should be fine.


The Giant SLR works with their own clip on aerobars, on the pricey side for sure.

There are also a handful of stem mount options that should work with almost any handlebar. Like the discontinued lightening strike -


I have the same question. Looking for something that will clip on to the S-Work Aerofly’s on my Venge, anyone have any suggestions?


Clip on bars for road aerobars are typically customized by the road bar manufacturers as far as I am aware of.

The venge vias handlebar has its own propriety clip on bars:

Enve have their own for their ses aerobar: