Aero Podcast with Specialized – What do you want to ask them?



It seems pretty impossible to be convinced anything they do is ever objective.


@Jonathan are questions sent in via the regular podcast form also taken? I sent in a question last Friday via that.


Only because you are spending more time on the course.


and your point is?


Going faster will save you even more time. :wink:



This is what I’m most curious about. Over the years it seems like I saw a few tests that exposed cables may or may not matter, and then suddenly all the bike manufacturers agreed that exposed cables made their bikes “look” slow but I don’t think I ever saw anything that would convince me, as a rider, that external cable runs (that are much easier to work with as my own bike mechanic) have any real impact on aerodynamics.


Mountain bike bar width? Is 800 more drag than 700? Bar height, does 30mm higher on a mtb really make much aero impact ?


The point is that at higher speeds aero becomes more important not less.


What’s the most aero position for a bottle… down tube or seat tube?


As a percentage, yes, but you save more time overall at slower speeds.


How much of an aero penalty do geared (and braked) bikes have over track bikes? Would a singlespeed be more aero than a geared bike on a flat course?


I’d like to hear their thoughts about CdA sensors like the AeroPod. Have they tested any of them? If so, how accurate are they and are they worth the money?


Do they prefer mint

or orange?



I agree. There has been a fairly emotive discussion between hambini and other “experts” on this issue that has generated more heat than light. But it seems that there may be a good point in all of this that in their pursuit of “clean” and “replicable” wind tunnel data, many manufacturers may be using models of wind speed and direction that ignores the effect of short term transients.

I am sure that Hambini’s testing has prompted Spec’s own “Win Tunnel” team to look at this - but it may need some strong and persistent questionning to draw out the team’s view on this issue. Partly because this stuff is so recent that they may not have yet been able to test it with sufficient rigor for a really full public discussion.


Great topic! Looking forward to the podcast.

Question: For a road rider (Century/Fondo distances) with a “standard” road bike, what is the most cost effective way to get more aerodynamic and save time over a multi-hour event. For instance, shaving one’s legs is practically free while buying a new wheel set is very expensive. There are many in-between items such as shoe covers, aero-bars, aero helmet (eg. S-Works Evade), skin-tight jersey, etc. Let’s assume a new bike is out of the question… Would love to hear Specialized’s insight.


Seat tube.


How do beards (and I mean epic ones) affect aerodynamics?


My question is will specialized be impressed with @Jonathan world class CDA?!

Real talk, what’s the best aero ways to wrap the handlebar tape on their Aerofly?! I got one coming soon and I need to know!

I know bikeradar did a video on it and I don’t think it’s that good.


I believe Spec have said there is no aero detriment to having a hairy face fairing.