Aero Podcast with Specialized – What do you want to ask them?



I’m curious about Tarmac/Venge comparisons as well (also in market lol). FWIW, Bikr, I’m leaning toward your approach on a Tarmac because I think the Tarmac will be a bit more comfortable and comfort promotes a sustainable position and hopefully speed. Also the cockpit of the Tarmac is so much more flexible. I fly with my bike pretty often, and being able to pack the bike more easily counts for a lot to me.


These are great questions everybody! I’m adding them into our doc.


I think the new venge is just as adjustable and packable as the tarmac. It uses a standard clamp and you can switch out the stem without redoing hoses.

Although it looks like you have to cut your steerer tube for the stem there’s actually a removable plate where you can let the steerer tube pass through like on a normal road bike. This is going to let me try taking out a few spacers without committing to cutting the steerer tube.


Watts increased by shaving legs. Over 40k, over Century?


Intriguing. On an older podcast Chad said that hairy legs cost 7ish watts. I wonder why a hairy face has no impact…


Aero descending difference between riding the top tube and using a dropper post.


How about expressing aero gains in terms of distance, rather than time?

Rather than going 50 seconds faster over 40k, for example, going 500m farther in the same time, or better yet, for the same kj.

(Yes, I know you can just multiply the 50 seconds by the average speed and add that distance in this example.)

I ask because I wonder if peeps doing big distance would be more perked by seeing an aero gain’s benefit to efficiency, rather than speed, or kilojoules saved versus watts.


Yeah but the beard they tested with was more like cheeky fuzz than a real beard: its own creature, riding out front on the bike and holding doors open for you.


Are zipperless jerseys actually more aero than full zip (thinking UAE’s new kit this year)? Will we see local crit racers in Under Armour until cycling clothing brands jump on board???


Hairy legs are out in the wind; hairy face is not.


I’ve just done a quick search and there’s actually already a Win Tunnel video analysing this:

It turns out the down tube is actually quicker. So @Captain_Doughnutman, if you’ve ever lost a 40km TT by 25 sec you’ve now got a valid excuse :wink:


I’m suer the new Shiv is aero as hell, but why is it so ugly?


Q: Is there a sweet spot for wheels (heights width) and tires (width pressure) for an allround Roadbiker (one bike fits all from Alpes to Classics)?



Form follows function. Aero just looks weird sometimes.


In one of their videos they show how many watts shaving your legs will save…
What I want to know is: will wearing leg warmers save more, less or about the same? I ask because my wife is quite adamant that I shall NOT shave my legs :yum:


Maybe I actually meant downtube. :thinking:
I dunno, but I’ll add it to the growing list of excuses!


Would be interesting to know for both road & TT/Tri-bike the order in which to address changes to improve aerodynamics, and then the incremental benefits.

For example you should address aerodynamics in this order:

  1. Position - worth 25 watts
  2. Bike / Clean up cables - from an optimized aero position, then will get you an additional 10 watts
  3. Helmet - after doing 1 & 2, this gets you an additional 5 watts
  4. Wheels
  5. Etc.


Already mentioned it in the comment of @Nate via Strava. But here some more explanation.

You always hear companies talking about the aero gains of deep carbon rims or an aero frame. But there is no info available anywhere what aero gains forks/handlebars/hidden cables/seatpost will give you.

What will give you the most watts saved for your money. And use a non aero frame as base and work from there.

My gut feeling says that an aero fork/stem/handlebar combo saves you a lot of watts because, beside the front wheel, they also hit the wind first…


Do they have a photo library showing the associated cda? It would be cool if we could compare side to side pictures and cdas.


I thought the previous notion of 5 watts as nonsense, but this article says it’s even more.

I’m planning on doing a road tri or two this year but had originally planned on not shaving. Might change my mind, but this is a non-aero type of course… lots of climbing. Most people will be under 20 mph.