Airline bike travel


Do you have the option of ordering a new batch of gels and getting them shipped to Palm Springs?

If the airline doesn’t care what the bike box/bag weighs, then I’d do the biggest cardboard bike box you can find, and put all four wheels in the box. Generally you’re paying the $200 for the bike, so may as well maximize it.


Had a Thule and a Pika. Sold the Thule, and bought another Pika [wife and I travel together]. The Thule was just too bulky, especially to get it into a rental car at the other end.

We make at least 4 trips a year with bikes. Always used the soft cases. Taken off the RD hanger, and till now never had an issue.

If we carry disc brake bikes, I remove the rotors too.

Many years ago we used Tardis bags, but they really provide no protection at all. We used them only for steel touring bikes. With The Pika, we carry our carbon and titanium bikes as well.

Also, never paid for bikes. We select airlines that allow bikes free.

We also have 2 Orucases, which are nearly airline dimensions, but you need to take out the forks. Not used them yet.


Scicon bags are great for convenience - I fly at least 5-6 times a year with my bike and it’s great I can pack my bike in less than 5 minutes, all you need to do is remove the wheels. Even though scicon provides an RD protector bit, I also remove the RD just in case, it’s super easy now that I’ve gotten the hang of it.