Airline bike travel


Do you have the option of ordering a new batch of gels and getting them shipped to Palm Springs?

If the airline doesn’t care what the bike box/bag weighs, then I’d do the biggest cardboard bike box you can find, and put all four wheels in the box. Generally you’re paying the $200 for the bike, so may as well maximize it.


Had a Thule and a Pika. Sold the Thule, and bought another Pika [wife and I travel together]. The Thule was just too bulky, especially to get it into a rental car at the other end.

We make at least 4 trips a year with bikes. Always used the soft cases. Taken off the RD hanger, and till now never had an issue.

If we carry disc brake bikes, I remove the rotors too.

Many years ago we used Tardis bags, but they really provide no protection at all. We used them only for steel touring bikes. With The Pika, we carry our carbon and titanium bikes as well.

Also, never paid for bikes. We select airlines that allow bikes free.

We also have 2 Orucases, which are nearly airline dimensions, but you need to take out the forks. Not used them yet.


Scicon bags are great for convenience - I fly at least 5-6 times a year with my bike and it’s great I can pack my bike in less than 5 minutes, all you need to do is remove the wheels. Even though scicon provides an RD protector bit, I also remove the RD just in case, it’s super easy now that I’ve gotten the hang of it.


That thing is great. I think I’ve seen that before, but wasn’t able to see the name. Thanks for sharing.


Overall I was able to put the gels and nutrition in my bidons and stuff them in my bike bag. I also put put my shoes, running shoes and other miscellaneous items in my bike box…and my torque wrench (more on that later).

I put my allen key set in my carry on and had no issues, even though it was an enormous set of allen keys (silca set). The one thing that did get caught was my Pro torque wrench. I was able to go back out of security and have a teammate put it in his bike bag.

When I asked the TSA agent why I couldn’t bring the wrench in my bag they said
“It’s the size of the item and not what the item is?”

My reply was really simple “What’s the size limit?”

TSA agent “7 inches and this is 7.5 inches.”

I let them know that they missed my allen keys in my bag and according to them that didn’t matter even though they were larger than 7 inches. I was really confused at the end of it, but it all worked out and just confirmed not even TSA knows what can and can not go in your bag.

Thanks to everyone who submitted information. Trip was incredible and we will be back this winter for more SoCal training.


Having watched a baggage handler being lazy and dropping my bike box off the conveyor belt I’ll stick with hard cases!

I had a PBK case (think UK only) and it only cost £175. Some compromises over others and on the small side but saved my bike once already.


My EVOC bag… From my insta story a while back (ignore the caption)


Bike Box alan all the way


I have a BikePro soft case (no longer in business), which I’ve used to take bikes to France and Italy, plus domestically in the US. This case is similar to a lot of the modern cases:

  • Metal stabilizer that the front fork and bottom bracket attach to
  • Remove the stem, handlebars, seatpost, wheels (go into wheel bags)

For extra protection, I bought some plumbing pipe insulation (basically round foam) that I wrap around all of the tubes. Plus I wrap the stem / handlebars in bubble wrap.


It’s a small world, I met your friend in Innsbruck in September! :grinning:
I confirm that the bag is really great, really good design. Here’s the link that can come in handy by the way:


For the Scicon users, has anyone tried to put a mountain bike with a Boost fork into the Aerocomfort MTB 3.0 TSA bag? There are some great deals on this bag right now but it sounds like there might be a problem with Boost forks mounting to the frame.

Scicon recently released another bag:

This bag is bigger and designed to accomondate longer wheelbase bikes, but also seems them made some changes for Boost forks to mount properly to the frame.


Has anyone compared the Orucase Airport Ninja with the new
The Airport Ninja seems to be a proven concept but a little more expensive while the Postcarry seems to have an innovative design that keeps it simple with similar results of not paying bike fees…
Has anyone seen or tried both of these? Which one would you go for?