American Crit - New youtube documentary on Crit Racing


Sorry I didn’t mean to pit them against eachother, not intended.

I was more so dissapointed that USA Crits wasn’t mentioned largely because there are teams like KHS, 303, Floyds, Hincapie, Trek Harley Davidson, Echelon etc. who have kids attending races like Gila, Cascades and Redlands looking to crack into Conti or Pro Conti and even further!

The USA Crits is a fantastic series that showcases the freaks and animals of cycling and their ability to translate these skinny little bodies in the flying meat missiles they all are. And you’re right, just like Svein Tuft said he wants to be able to leave a legacy that gets more kids into cycling and see the scene grow, it can only do that with buy in on both fronts road and crits.



Just thinking out loud here…

It doesn’t have to be USA Crits v. Euro road. That’s just the way it’s always been and with the UCI and even ASO running the show that’s where the money is.

So yeah under the current system pro conti teams are a necessity to get to the money.

The entire nascar sponsorship system really doesn’t work (from my perspective) long term for pro cycling athletes. There’s no equity of much of anything at the top and therefore nothing to really pass on to the riders. No real revenue especially over here in the US. No one besides cyclist wants to watch cycling. Especially a 4-5 hour stage race that to folks who don’t ride or even race looks like nothing is happening.

Again just thinking out loud. Perhaps in the US pro crits are where the focus for money should be? Thinking TV revenue but, even that is wicked thin. Need stadiums and ticket sales etc…which just won’t happen. I honestly don’t know. But, I keep thinking of guys like McCabe who can barely get a contract. Something is not right. I think it’s a lack of revenue.


Totally on the same page with you.

I feel like the doc and VN both came off pretty one sided.

I like punk and the symphony, crits and road races…

If it’s good for growing cycling in the US, it’s good enough for me. Whether it’s aimed at my demographic or not is besides the point.


I actually liked this Texas Road House / Pearl Izumi series much better than American Crit. It is a different format than 30m documentary (all short episodes), but showcases a bit more of the races and the racers themselves. Doesn’t feel overdone either – fun watch!


I liked this series a lot more. Focused on the racing instead of just a guy talking. Plus they’re winning and not just pack fodder.


Absolutely! Funding is so crazy tight because when companies look at sponsorship opportunities they say “What’s in it for me? What’s my ROI?” I can’t remember which podcast it was, maybe SoCal but the DS for EF Drapac was talking about how his friends were blow away at the amount of funding he can secure without any expected ROI.

We talk about this out here (Vancouver BC) that organizing road races comes with a serious cost, crits can contain an event to a few blocks and if promoted right (Like Superweek) can drag a ton of people out to the race and local businesses can jump on this movement and draw customers in for revenue on that day or have a captured audience to promote too. Teams can jump on this and park their brands in sight of the crowds and yes marketing is a fickle bitch, reach and engagement can be hit or miss but the exposure can do wonders for some businesses (Meteor Intellegentsia, ClifBar, ButcherBox, Rally Health etc…) these are brands that we recognize because we see and know the teams.

But when teams get real large and want to contend on a world or Pro Conti level, how do you convince a fortune 500 company to drop a million dollars of funding on a cycling team and explain that to their B.O.D??!! Oh and that with this million dollar injection they might see no increase in stock share.

So do we look at it a different way? Does it become a pay to play model and riders get more involved in their own team fund raising and and companies put more money directly into the events to the benefit of their immediate community/shareholders? You’re definitely right about Nascar except that they’ve got a captured audience, tickets for the event and sales of Nascar swag is insane!!

So now take a major Criterium like Athens or Blue Dome crit, you turn it into more than just a crit. There’s a festival, carnival, food trucks, local vendors and you make it something more that just a bike race?? Ok now we’ve got a formula to start to roll with, cities get involved because there’s a positive impact on community involvement. My parents had no idea what a crit was until I invited them out one year to watch, they were blown away by what they’ve been missing all this time and sponsor our major event every year now.

The documentary Peloton did with Crit and their interview with the organizers of Tulsa in my opinion perfectly captures and shows what a bike race can be, they’ve nailed it. A football town, that enjoys tailgate parties and creates an outdoor street stadium that everyone benefits from. That’s the formula! How do we apply that to every race??

I could keep rambling, I love crits and racing bikes, i want to see them succeed and grow in North America (including Canada).



I enjoyed it, as an outsider looking in.

The guy was passionate and obsessive, but if you cut past that to what he was actually saying, he seemed to be conveying a genuine love for the sport and a huge respect for his team mates and their commitment. There wasn’t any negativity for people who didn’t share his vision, he just laid it out to be judged.

Macho for sure, but seemed honest


Steve could benefit from an expanded vocabulary lol, but that was a cool video. Props to him and his team.


After watching it, I found it interesting but too “contrived” with the gratuitous dropping of F-bombs to amp the intensity. I enjoyed the plethora of Red Hook Crit videos much more than this series. A lot more race footage and the 90 minute ones with lots of POV are great for on the trainer.


Agreed, someone needs to let that guy know they make decaffeinated coffee that tastes just as good as the real thing. Honestly, I’ve never spiritually connected with a crit the way this guy has.


Not true.


LOL, but do you know what movie that’s from? I may be dating myself.


The Fasterdays


Not only don’t I know—Google has completely failed me!


Yeah, he likes his sport. I can live with that. Granted, that message came across after about 5 minutes and never got any variation, but … he made it. Hats off.



:man_facepalming: Ugh.


It’s not moving pictures and four years old, BUT still featuring Team Clif Bar including Pete and way more fun and informative for those of us not 100% into the testosterone addled, raging bro-fest that is American Crits.


I enjoyed it, but really wanted to see more race footage. Also agree with everyone saying guy was way over the top. Doesn’t make me want to join the crit scene though as people like that make it way more intimidating than it probably actually is.
Is it really a bike racing doc if there’s no actual footage of bike racing?


Uh, European racing isn’t just stages and long road races. In fact, it’s mostly crit-like racing. Longer parcours, but many laps and highly technical. The kermesse is euro racing at its core across the primary categorized “amateur” racing levels.