American Crit - New youtube documentary on Crit Racing


I wonder what Stevie would think about getting completely smashed in a crit by someone like the uber-subdued and humble (and Euro!) Indurain? :rofl: All that lip flapping is wasted energy and probably contributes to a ginormous amount of cognitive load to haul around!!


This was so cringy that I had to turn it off.

Oh and btw because I’ve heard it a couple of times in the podcast as well. We have crits in Europe! Sometimes they’re called kermesses.

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And of course the Japanese version of a crit — the keirin.


The keirin is a track event though and quite different to a crit because it’s paced by derny bikes for 75% of the race


Yes, as I stated — the Japanese version


I was going to give you a thumbs up for that, but then you said those two little words… Cognitive Load.



Gotta keep it relevant, right? :wink:

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But it’s an entirely different event.

Crit or kermesse ≠ keirin

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I really enjoyed the swearing and thought it looked like a lot of fun.


@Oblewis, I spend 2 years of my life living in Belgium and racing kermesses (and getting rained on all the time), they’re like crits in the spirit of the thing. But, racing them is not much like crits. LOL! Not nearly as fun!!
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There was a guy on my team who did the same thing. I’ve never seen anyone that smooth and powerful on a bike. He never got out of his saddle,he never moved his upper body, never showed any effort…just the opposite of us Joes!


Just watched the “doco”, that dude is awesome, love the passion and language.