Any good journals out there?


I’m currently using TrainingPeaks to track a lot of my metrics like weight, rpe, and workouts. I’d like to have a paper journal to log some things. Ideally it would have a place to record weight, sleep, nutrition, workout notes, and miscellaneous things like “Dear Journal, Coach Chad was really mean today.” Looking on amazon and online I’ve found some that seem to go into waaaay more detail than I want. Anyone found a simple paper journal they like? If there’s not something out there already, I’ll just use a trusty old moleskine.


Can’t wait for that ‘Copy & Paste’ function to kick in. :rofl:


yeah, just use an unformatted blank journal – that way you don’t mind if you miss a day and there is no reason to follow a specific format – you can make the format you want.

For good notebooks, try searching for BulletJournals and taking the advice - I use a Leuchtturm 1917 but a moleskine is just as good


For a digital media, try Evernote.

thanks @gajendragadkar


Probably mean Evernote? Endnote is used for collecting journal articles to then generate reference lists for papers etc.