Any one have experience with pericarditis?

been having some issues and diagnosis is acute pericarditis. theyre going to do an echo monday or tuesday. so hopefully ill know more then. such a bummer. wondering what others experiences have been like. cant wait to get back to normal.

I’ve had some intermittent symptoms that I checked on, but they resolved quickly, so don’t think I’ve had pericarditis.

This article is worth reading.

A member of my cycling club (female, mid-40s, excellent health previously and fast on a bike) suffered a pretty serious attack and it took her a good year to get back to real exercise. Hopefully it won’t be so bad for you, but the one lesson from her experience is give yourself ample time to recover and don’t try to rush back. She had a couple of relapses, despite feeling fit for normal life, as a result of restarting relatively intense exercise too soon. On the plus side, it’s eminently treatable and you can get back to where you were - hope all goes well and good luck with the patience.

A couple of years ago The Doctor’s thought I had it. They put me through all kinds of test. Nothing happened. I think I had pulled a muscle in my chest during Cyclocross season which I had to cut short due to the concern. They wanted to put me a drug before an ECHO. The ECHO came back fine. It eventually went away. I would just say make sure it’s proven to you that is what it is. Good luck.

I’m a cardiologist and I completely agree with the article posted from the ACC website. We generally discourage exercise or strenuous activity until the inflammation within the pericardium has completely resolved. I think the question centers around whether or not you truly have pericarditis. There are a million causes of chest pain, and I think it’s important to discern out whether or not you truly have pericarditis, as this determines the recommendations regarding exercise. It’s hard to know without seeing an EKG, some basic labs (CRP, ESR), and taking a complete history.