Any TrainerRoad users in the SF Bay Area? Looking to conduct in-person interviews


@daniel I live in Los Altos and am pretty flexible on timing and location.


In case others are interested, we’re going to attempt a group ride with a post-ride feedback chat on the date below. If you want to attend please comment here or send me a message with confirmation.

Group Ride / Saturday, January 26th
Location: Alpine Inn / 3915 Alpine Rd, Portola Valley, CA 94028
Time: Plan to roll by 9am, if everyone is earlier we’ll take off around 8:30am.

Route Options (Decided day of by group)

Huddart Park, Canada & Jefferson
38mi; 2700ft


The OLH/WOLH combo is a favorite of many riders:
Old La Honda & West OLH via Woodside
34mi; 3200ft

If it Rains / Happy Hour / Friday, January 25th
Location: TBD
Time: 4:00-7:00pm
Will wait until the week of and determine if this is the plan due to rain.

The Bay Area is large, so it was tough finding a location that worked for everyone. If you’re in the city or East Bay and can’t make it, shoot me a message and we’ll plan something new. I’m a North Bay resident, so it’ll be easy!


Heard you might need a sweep, I’m known for catching the group behind me on climbs :rofl: Never ridden OLH, it is a bit of a drive from Sacramento and hope to make it if possible. p.s. I met with Josh and gave feedback, hope you don’t mind if I crash the ride


Count me in. See you there.


In SF. Been a user for almost 2 years now. Would be down to meet.


I’ll be in Stockton 1/24-1/29. Unfortunately on call, but if you’re willing to come out to the Valley, be happy to chat. On call means no rides either.


I’m in the area. Down for a group ride if the weather holds. South Bay has some great routes too.

Edit: I see the route was added. Fantastic. Looking forward to it!


Because @bobmac is amazing, we’re going to switch up the route for the ride. Thanks to everyone else for the feedback as well.

Here are two options, we can decide the morning of which we’d like to tackle. Excited to meet all of you. :call_me_hand:

Rolling, good for conversation:

Huddart Park, Canada & Jefferson
38mi; 2700ft

If the group would prefer bigger climbs:

The OLH/WOLH combo is a favorite of many riders:
Old La Honda & West OLH via Woodside
34mi; 3200ft


I like the updated route. I’m in as long as it’s not raining too much.

edit: I usually finish my rides at Satura Cakes in Los Altos. Amazing Brioche Donuts (and espresso, obvs)

Also, thought I’d plug this project that opens tomorrow. A few miles away from Canada, but still cool:

Map location:


Hi everyone,

Yet another update on our ride this Saturday. Unfortunately, Alpine Inn is closed this weekend for maintenance. @bobmac and @dhellman have been hugely helpful in finding an alternate location to start and end. Here’s the final plan:

Meeting Point
Starbucks at Rancho Shopping Center in Los Altos (it’s on Foot Hill).
8:45 am meet, 9:00 am start

We’ll be doing two routes if there are those who want to get a climb in. If not, we’ll all return together.

Rancho to Jefferson, Huddart and PV
36mi, 2500ft

Jefferson, Huddart, OLH
40mi, 3100ft

As mentioned before this will be a no drop ride so you can meet your fellow users and I can bug you with questions. For those who want to climb, we can speed up at that point. Look forward to meeting all of you.

See you Saturday!

@tenjake @jrogers @bbarrera @beachedbeluga @Alvis @phileveritt @pamelalevine @bwainstock


Thanks for setting this one up, Daniel! I’ll ride in from San Jose and prefer the Ranch to Jefferson route, but am good with either. Would be great if we could all decide on the same route. Looking forward to good weather and fun ride.


Weather is looking amazing, Always up a OLH climb and getting as much sun as possible! Look for the screaming yellow Cannondale and that’s me. Tough to miss :wink:


@daniel Long time TR user living in Los Altos. I’ll try to make the ride.



Unfortunately I have a mandatory team ride on Saturday that got sprung on me mid week. Enjoy the ride! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Long time user now in Mill Valley, happy to help.


Sadly I’m not able to make it this weekend.


I hope you are able to come south to the Bay Area to join us. I love the riding up in Marin around Mt. Tam.


I did a 90mi/6k+ft coastal loop yesterday (including OLH) and have early birds crit on Sunday so I can’t put in a hard hill climb day tomorrow. However, I designed the route to allow substantial group time prior to OLH, including a couple of short hills - Jefferson and Huddart park. So once we hit OLH those that want to attack the hill can do so and those of us who need/want to return will be able to as well.

btw: If there is anyone who is not from the Bay area, doesn’t know the routes and wants to add more climbing than just OLH, let me know. I can easily provide segments to add as much vertical as you want and can include anything from from moderate grades (5-10%) to real stingers (15-25%).

It should be a great day!


I should be able to make the ride, too. See you there!


Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend. It was great meeting all of you and getting to soak in all of your feedback. Best of luck with your goals and races this year!

If you didn’t make it, we missed you. Maybe we’ll have to plan another ride later in the year. Mt. Tam? :wink:

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