Any users of Trainer Road? Thoughts on it please.


The issue with ANT+ dongle applies to all platforms like what @trpnhntr mentioned earlier. With that out of the way, here are my thoughts and opinions of the two platforms that I have used/using.

Zwift is arguably one of the most popular indoor cycling platform at this point in time and it is basically synonym for indoor cycling. It has social elements, decent selection of workout programs, options of group rides and also racing. Most will find indoor riding tolerable when they are on Zwift, the same cannot be said for Trainerroad.

Trainerroad is a very specific platform in which its sole purpose is to make you faster. It has absolutely zero entertainment value and most of the workouts once you progress to the Built or Specialty phase will hurt. Out of all the referrals that I have handed out, non actually continued on after the 30 days trial.

Personally I find Zwift too distracting when I’m doing the hard workout sessions. It distracts me from the suffering and I find myself easing up on pedals way too often. It is also tough to do an easy/recovery session on Zwift when you see other people overtaking you and the urge to put the pedal to the metal is real.

Most of my cycling buddies that are on Zwift puts in more time on the trainer than me, however I am still faster than them even when I am on the low volume plan with only 2.5 hours on the trainer and my regular Saturday outdoor ride.

Decide what is more important to you, being entertained while on the trainer or crushing your opponents to oblivion :smirk:


TrainerRoad is a great app with some very good people behind the scenes.

I used TR and other similar apps for a number of years and made some decent gains. The workouts and plans will definitely get you fitter.

I now do about 95% of my riding on Zwift and I actually ended up increasing my FTP more purely because I found it so much fun to use and actually really looked forward to getting on the turbo for the first time ever.
I loosely stuck to an 80/20 plan and it worked.

Everyone is different and I do think a mix of the two platforms can give you great results.

Since Zwift I’ve struggled to put myself through the pain that TR can dish out and just seem to be able to push more during group rides or races on Zwift.

I’d definitely say for you to give TR a try though because if you can commit to doing the workouts you will get fitter.


I hired a coach for a season years ago.

I’ve followed canned plans outdoors.

I’ve mostly JRA (just ridden around) for years…lots of fast group rides.

Enter TR. In 4 weeks I’ve raised FTP what would have taken me closer to a season of work. More importantly, I’ve been able to work on my limiters much more effectively. Lastly, on the training side, muscular endurance is through the roof.

In addition, as others have said, the podcast and the forum are added bonus if you’re looking to learn and/or better refine training etc…


This isn’t really a trainerroad issue at all. You will need either Bluetooth or Ant+ for whatever indoor training platform you decide to use.


The other aspect of zwift is much higher minimum device specs than TrainerRoad. And Android still only Beta, and has the spec issue looking at the devices that are listed as only running “OK” never mind those running “Well”.