Any Vitargo users out there?

What’s been your experience? Just trying to experiment with new carb options out there for SS workouts at 5am.

yes, I’ve been using it for years. But only for racing and longer outdoor training sessions. Mainly because you need less water/g carb. This is an advantage for longer races.

Solubility can be a pain.

Given the higher cost I don’t see any other advanage to a regular maltodextrin mix. I buy bulk maltodextrin. Mixing ratio is 2:0.6:0.4 maltodextrin:fructose:“some sports drink (basically for flavour)”. This is what I use for my indoor rides (where fuelling is actually needed)

Only positive experience from it. As said above it can be a pain to solve properly. I mainly use it for carb loading. I find it easier than eating a ton of carbs like Nate is doing…

Solubility is definitely a pain. I want to test the version that should be better in this term:

I use vitargo for recovery drinks.

I use the bulkpowders Vitargo. It’s supposed to be the new S2. I must admit I can’t tell the difference to the previous version. Cold spring races are really a problem.