Any way to delete ALL imported Strava rides?


I borrowed a friends Garmin while mine was in for repair, unfortunately when I synced with Garmin Connect all his rides for the last 3 years were synced to Strava and then to Trainer Road. His FTP is 380W, mine is closer to 250, so now all my personal records are useless since there is no way to filter to exclude external rides. And frankly it’s useless comparing indoor riding to outdoor riding so there should really be a filter to only compare indoor to indoor and outdoor to outdoor etc.


There will be a way soon. We’re going to make it if you disconnect Strava you have the option to delete all the rides that were imported from Strava at the same time.



I have a similar problem. I have recently joined and when I synced TrainerRoad with my Strava account it imported the rides I had on Strava. Well at least I thought it did.

I have approximately 920 rides on Strava pre TrainerRoad.

On my TrainerRoad account at the top it now says:


So it would seem that it imported everything OK.

However, when I look at the graph there are at least 12 weeks in the past year which show no rides at all. This is despite the fact that I have not missed riding each week for almost 3 years, and these are all on my strava account.

So, either I would like to know why some rides on the graph are ignored, or is there a way to delete all pre-TrainerRoad rides.

If you want me to provide any more info on the “missing” weeks please let me know.