Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Well, that kind of throws the 011839 and lower out the windows if you have the knocking issue with a serial number of 011844.

My first ride on my fourth unit I received yesterday went well, smooth, quiet, no knocking or vibration. Part of me wants to see if it’s the new washer, key and bolt. Part of me wants to leave it alone and hope for the best.

Attached is unit three dished washer which I’m confident where the knocking came from but not the vibration, another deeper issue.


The failure of your second unit, Week 44 of 2018 is NOT encouraging :frowning:

My second unit is scheduled to ship today.

Best of luck,


I think the serial number batch info may have been useful at the start of this issue. However, since it has dragged on for 3-4 months at this point, with some people returning multiple units with issues, I firmly believe they are actively recycling units from all serial number ranges.

That means, if for any reason a unit with a more recent serial number gets returned (the ESD issue for instance), it will go out again as a replacement to some other user (once it is reworked). They are most likely reworking any and all returned units unless they are seriously damaged beyond reasonable cost/time to repair.

All that said, I have no faith in tracking serial numbers now, in hopes of knowing if you have a potentially “good” or “bad” unit.


My first kickr was purchased August 2018, my first support for this issue a month later, September 2018. It’s been just shy of six months and four units of issues. But I’m still hopeful they’ll get it right…


I have to admit, I was surprised with the time it took me to get my replacement Kickr…pretty speedy.

I received it and unboxed it on Thursday (2/7) allowing it to come up to room temperature. I swapped out my units on Friday (2/8).

Serial number 011847xxxxx…definitely a refurbished unit. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

On Friday evening, I did a 10 minute warm-up and performed a spindown in the Wahoo App on my phone. The one thing that struck me as odd was the temperature reading of the unit. It was 66.4 degrees after the 10 minute warm-up and spindown. It’s either a faulty temperature sensor or my old unit was running higher than normal. I suspect the former as my old unit would return a temperature of approximately 88.x degrees after a 10 minute warm-up and spindown.

Just to make sure the unit was really warmed up, I repeated the 10 minute warm-up and spindown again, this time my new unit reported a temperature of 67.2 degrees :slight_smile:

We’ll see how this one fares.

All the best,


Same issue with the droning sound. I have not had any other failures yet but submitted a ticket with a video and received word that a replacement unit is ordered and will ship within 24 hours. I see that you received your replacement and am curious if you have had any additional issues with the new/refurbished unit?


Hey Fingero,

To be honest, I think the verdict is still out on my replacement unit.

I have done 4 TR workouts on it, and while my first unit had a very audible droning sound, this one does seem to be quieter.

However, during this mornings workout, Pettit (about as simple as they come), I did notice (at least I thought I noticed) a faint droning sound starting to manifest itself. I can definitely sense a slight vibration through the pedals that I didn’t experience on my first unit.

Is this all going to workout itself out once I “break” the unit in a little more…I cannot say at this point.

If you’re interested, I’ll certainly keep you posted.

All the best,


Thanks. I am hoping that they get this resolved as I really do not want to continue to have the issues that others have and have to send the units back. Sounds like many have had to multiple times and still continue to have issues. I am sure that Wahoo will eventually get it figured out, but the lost training time and headaches are very annoying considering the investment that all Kickr owners have made.

Please keep me updated if you dont mind.



Would it be possible to post your video here? I am on my third Kickr Core. The first had a loud squeak, the second had the dreaded clicking. This one seems a little louder than I think it should be with somewhat of a hum/drone, but I may just be paranoid. It also has a slight vibration from time to time, usually when the power is ramping up and the cadence is still relatively low (~88-92). It’s hard to tell how it should sound and feel with all my previoius issues.

BTW, I had all of my previous issues in November before I found this thread or was a TR member. I have been through SSB MV 1&2 and half of Build MV with my current Kickr.


I will get the video posted. I hate to say it but from your description of the noises/vibrations that your Kickr is making, it sounds like the same problem that I have. A droning motor like sound with vibration. Started out intermittently and is now constant. I am still using the trainer until I receive the replacement, but am doing so in small gears to keep the noise and vibration to a minimum. I will try to get the video posted shortly.

Good luck, hope you are not having the same issue that I am.


Here is a you tube link with the video. Kind of hard to hear depending on your device. Very evident if you listen through headphones.


I had one of the early batch 2018 Kickr’s. I had the Key replaced and it worked fine up until recently. Now there is a large vibration going through the bike. I have spoken direct to the Australian Distributor ( Guy who does the repairs for them) and Wahoo just replaces them now. Should have a new one very soon and fingers crossed it is better.


I agree, I too think Wahoo will get it figured out but you’re right it is a hassle.

Me and a colleague of mine are actually headed over to FedEx tomorrow at lunch to both return our first Kickr 2018’s :grinning:

I’m fortunate in that mine is in the basement on an insulated platform so even when it was making noise it didn’t resonate through the entire house.

All the best,


Here’s my third one (figured I’d chime in). This was started with the vibrations and then the washer started to dish.

Date Received Serial Number Failure Date Fate
11/26/2018 01183901387 01/21/2019 Died to ESD.
01/31/2019 01184401430 02/01/2019 Died/dying due to knocking/vibration
02/13/2019 01184101051 02/13/2019 Minor knocking straight out of the box.

Ticket back in, with video evidence. I’m getting better at this process. I haven’t even gotten it paired up with TrainerRoad yet.

This one hasn’t started the shuddering that the last unit would do, but rotational vibration is just going to get worse.


Thanks for the quick upload! Mine doesn’t sound near that bad, so I think it may be in my head. I’ll continue to use it and cross my fingers. Good luck with your new (new!) one!


Sounds just like mine. Replacement shipped yesterday and will be here Monday. I don’t have a lot of confidence, but am hopeful.


Just had my kickr 2018 replaced with latest version that has been modified,had issue with noise got on to utube and found it was a frequent problem that can be readily fixed either with home repair or new unit i am a 70 yer old and did not think i would be competent enough to home repair so opted for new unit and can not fault cuxtomer service extremely efficient and courteous fixed my problem in 1 week am now proud owner of fantastic trainer


I know this post is a little old, but speaking as someone in the manufacturing industry a 3% escape rate is very high.

Maybe 3% internal quality rejections for a complex assembly/component isn’t alarming, but 3% for escapes is crazy.


They are being sneaky with the numbers for obvious reasons. Agreed on the internal vs external. Not sure what they see in normal cases.

I think this situation grew faster and wider than they ever envisioned. Seeing the expanded issues with vibration now are not reassuring either. Some major things changed from the 2107 to 2018 models and they are paying a high price for design and/or manufacturing mistakes.