Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



I am reading this and i am having similar issues, I had my 2017 kickr for almost 1 year and started having the “push” issue with the freehub, i received a replacement but that did not fix it, the "push " got so bad that when i stopped pedaling the derailluer would wrap around the cassette. So i made a claim for a warranty replacement, They sent me a 2018 Kickr, low and behold i tried to do the spin up and the vibration issue is already there. I couldn’t even get over 25kph and it vibrates up through the handlebars. I am now contacting Wahoo about another replacement.


I went through four Kickr 2018s. Some of them were bad out of the box, others took some time to fail but they all had or developed some kind of noise or vibration. Wahoo is refunding me for the Kickr and the Climb that I bought as well. Already ordered a Neo 2. Fingers crossed that is a better experience. Sucks, because when it’s working it’s a great system, but clearly there is something wrong with the design of the unit. Do not believe that only 3% of units are affected.


I have a Kickr Core that is functioning properly so far with a week 33 build date. Is Wahoo offering to send the new power brick out to customers to fend off the possibility of ESD issues? Or do they have a recommendation on one that could be purchased with better grounding?

Also, any ideas of warranties are transferable on their products?


Is there any good smart trainer to buy right now?

Kickr 2018: Knocking issue
Kickr Core: Vibration or electrical failure
Neo 2: Delayed
Flux 2: Delayed and mediocre
Direto and Drivo: slow to respond

Is the Hammer 2 really the only one that isn’t having issues?


I love my new H2. It is just a bit better than the Hammer I had before it. Power data accuracy is right in line with my P1 pedals in my weeks of uses.


I highly doubt that warranty transfers.


I have a special discount since my Neo Bike has been delayed, so I might pick up the H2 then


There is one minor issue. The main one if you use thru axle, is that the external case can interfere with non-indexable (fixed) axle levers. If your bike has a fixed lever, you may need to get one with no lever at all, or one that allows indexing to clear the non-360 degree rotation. Minor issue overall, but some have experienced that.


If the H2 was a little more quiet and has 360 clearance, they’ve got a real good contender.


For $1200, I’m kind of surprised they don’t ship it with something similar to this.

Problem solved.


Or a cassette…


That axle would be a mess to use on the Hammer. I use it for fitting in our shop, and it’s great with a wheel-on trainer (like the Fluid2), but I would likely hate it for use on the Hammer.

I’d suggest just getting the appropriate axle from DT or otherwise that has no handle.


Generally, I would agree. But I will gladly fork over the $ for a cassette when given the option of getting a Kickr 18 and it’s high likelihood of impending failure from the knock or vibrations.

At this point, Wahoo trainers are a “no sale” for me. And I say this as a happy owner of a Kickr 17 and Climb. They are great, but Wahoo messed up well and good with the changes in the design for the 18 models.


Yea, if I had to do it again I wouldn’t get the Kickr. It just galled me spending $1200 on a trainer then them not giving you the $50 part that was required for it to go. As it happened I was missing the $1200 part required for it to go.

The Kickr is still a great product when it is working as designed, just fighting through their teething issues is a bit much for me.


Yeah, I have no doubt that Wahoo will “fix” this and all the related issues in the long run. But I won’t touch one until I see the 2019 version and a few months of them in the hands of users, before I would consider pulling the credit card out for one.


If this Core fails, I’m getting a refund and getting an H2. All cycle ops products I’ve used are long lasting and quality. Two of three Wahoo products broke within a week.

I’d consider a Neo as well now that Garmin is in the game, but I trust CycleOps.


Add me to the list of busted Wahoo Kickr Core 2018s. Mine shipped in december 2018 from REI. It worked great for about 4 weeks. In the middle of my trainerroad ride today, power and speed went kaput. It is paired fine but not sensing any turn of the pedals. I tried to call Wahoo today and was put on hold and then disconnected. Lovely! I’m debating dealing with Wahoo vs just taking it to REI for an exchange tomorrow. REI has 1 year return so that might be a faster solution. I’m just concerned the next one will have the exact same problem. What a disappointment!


Double check the return policy. Last email I got was 90 day satisfaction in electronics and a year on non electronics. Limited lifetime on both.


Ooo…good point! I “purchased” it November 19th, but it didn’t ship to the store for almost a month. So I picked it up December 14th. I’m not sure which date REI would go with so I’ll have to call them customer service. I’m going to call Wahoo monday as well. I’m inclined to just return the whole thing and get my money back after reading about all of the issues.


I think REI will take care of you after the manufacturer year warranty also since it’s a manufacturing issue. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to that.