Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Indeed! I was really loving having the smart trainer and trainerroad. With all the snow and spring races just around the bend, this has been a huge disappointment all around!


Even though I’m on my fourth (fifth including the one I turned in for the h2 and then returned the h2 the next day for the kickr again), I’ve never missed a workout. I know the signs of failure, wahoo has been quick to replace and so has REI. Wahoo ships a replacement while you use the broken one.


That is dedication! Have you gotten one that finally works? I really liked it (when it worked) so I don’t want to give up on the product. But this many issues is really concerning! Also, how do you use it when it won’t sense speed/power?? I can’t get it to change the resistance at all. It just spins with minimal resistance. Not a great workout.


Mine have been noise or vibration. I have several REI stores in this area. I find one that has a kickr in stock and exchange at that store. The really good about swapping out bad units with no question. That’s how I’ve dealt with issues with the first two.


I’ve had my Kickr18 almost within a week after release (July) with zero issues… That is up until now… The clicking sound comes and goes and not really impacted by effort. At least not as far as I can tell. Called Wahoo yesterday (thursday) and they had me send them a video… Video sent within 10 minutes of getting the open ticket email but have not heard back as of this evening.

I’ve had two other Kickrs prior to the 18’ model and have been quite happy with all. Not thrilled with the noise but this is my first issue out of the three Kickrs i’ve owned to date.


We have a new Kickr Core that failed within the first 2 weeks. We have been told it is a known problem and now they will not return our emails, calls nor update the ticket that was submitted. The bike shop told us that Kickr wants to handle the problems but they are not so we are just going to return it to the bike shop it is within the first 30 days since purchase and they know they are selling bad equipment. Is this how they normally do business. We purchased 2 of them and probably should return both (one is working).


I had a KICKR '18 with the infamous “knocking” sound and support was very prompt and expeditious when I needed them back in December (both email and phone). They helped me troubleshoot and recognized the problem and sent me a replacement unit within a few days.

A few weeks later, my brother coincidentally had major power issues with his new Snap where it wasn’t working in Erg mode, and the support he received was subpar at best. After nearly a week of run-around, they finally agreed to refund his purchase when they received the return (he replaced it with a KICKR 18). After he shipped it back to them, he had to go round and round with them for nearly two weeks before they finally refunded the return on his credit card (he was about ready to file a claim with his bank, but Wahoo finally credited the refund).

So, to answer, it’s hit and miss. I think they’ve had a LOT more problems with the 2018 lineup of trainers than they are willing to publicly acknowledge. They also sell a lot more units now, with only a minimal increase in staffing, and my feeling is that they are just overwhelmed at the moment.


Does anyone here have issues with the Kickr Core connecting to devices? My Core connected to my ELEMNT Bolt and the ELEMNT and Wahoo Fitness apps perfectly for the first couple uses, but now on my third session the connection continues to drop. When it does connect the trainer is reading watts when I’m not even pedaling. It’s a brand new model with the new power block and it came straight from Wahoo.


I had an issue with power on the wahoo fitness app. It kept dropping and showing power when I was not pedaling. I switched to using trainer road and had no issues after that. Well, until it suffered the sudden death yesterday! Based on all of the above posts, I’ve decided to return the Kickr to REI and try an H2. :frowning: Wahoo better get this fixed fast because they are going to really tarnish their business and lose customers!


Received my new Kicker Tuesday.
Worked the first day.
Second day no speed or Watts.
Called LBS and they indicated the same issue you all have mentioned.
They gave me a brand new one and it seems to work ok after two days

My question is if I should buy a surge protector in addition to the Kicker power cord or unplug it every time ?


If your power supply doesn’t have the Wahoo brand on it, it’s going to brick your trainer eventually. Nothing to really be done to prevent it.


Yes, i’m using the wahoo cord box (which I assume is a surge protector).
But my first one did too and it went down on the second day
But with all the issues I was wondering if I need to take additional measures.


My CORE has the older power supply but everything has worked a charm since October…fingers crossed!!


If the power block doesn’t have “Wahoo” printed on it, it’s going to have the same issue on a dry day. It’s not surge. It’s electrostatic discharge which fries the speed sensor. A surge protector won’t fix that issue. Mine was plugged in to a surge protector when it fried the first time.


I think the bigger question is why Wahoo continues to sell units susceptible to this issue. I bought Kickr Core in December 2018, which seems to be after these problems were knonw to the company. My core died the ESD death within 6 weeks of use. And I don’t live in an exceptionally dry climate. I’m in the midwest. In any case, if you watch the DCRainmaker video, the Wahoo CEO states in the video that just taking the trainer out of the box can zap the trainer as a result of the packaging causing a shock to the sensor. So the idea that a different power supply will prevent this from happening is not correct. It may help prevent ESD, but it is not a 100% fix.


I was told by Wahoo support that some vibration at high speeds was “normal”. This is my first direct drive trainer and I found it weird that spin down calibrations had this vibration that one can feel in the handlebar. Basically I experience that same vibration coasting down from speeds in excess of 22MPH. Apart from that vibration, the trainer works great and is silent, but I too suffer from that OCD…$1200 is not a small sum of money. At this price point I would expect a vibration free system.

Did you eventually return number 5?


Yes, he did and is now quite happy with a Neo 2.

And Wahoo’s comment on vibration is lame, especially since they didn’t have any issues until the 2018 model.


Pretty lame indeed…starting to regret choosing the Kickr18 over the NEO (1 or 2).


Really lame. It’s like they’re explaining away their lemon. Man, I wish Garmin had acquired Tacx a month earlier. I’d probably have a Neo myself.


I’ve got 12 hours into my fourth Kickr with no wave of vibrations. I call bull that it’s normal. Same thing with the 3%, I call bull. Getting a lot of bull with this company…