Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



I‘m finally finally through with the Kickr 18, a few minutes ago my third one since September had a breakdown with extrem loud clicking sound. This unit is six weeks old from January. From my point of view Wahoo has got no product out that works stable and confident. I loved the Kickr 18 and my other Wahoo products but will not send back it every two months. And no, i will not screw a 1200 Euro product by myself only because Wahoo is not able to deliver a product that works. Will finally switch to the new Neo and hope it is a better Investment, Cheers


Vibration is not normal, I did ride 5k km on three Kickr 18 and did not have any vibrations…when they worked. Send it back and switch to an other product


I have mixed thoughts on this subject. Once you invest 1200 dollars, your six months down the road. Neither your place you purchased or Wahoo will take it back. I feel stuck with sending it back every two months until the year expires, then purchasing a neo 2 for another 1400 or 1500 dollars. Kind of, well, not kind of, it stinks you end up paying 100 a month to use a Kickr that just kind of works, when the year is up, your done. I honestly feel like that will be the end to my story other than a new story of how the neo 2 will work out. The only other thing I was thinking of was at the end of the 12 months, contacting my credit card that was used and try to get a refund. Most cards have some type of double your warranty benefit.


Yeah I also questioned the comment from the Wahoo rep that this was “normal”. Machines with rotating components go through a normal process of balancing, testing and QC during the design phase. Hearing that you did not have any vibration shows a lack of product consistency and quality control.

I’ve read some forums (possibly in this one too) that Wahoo rushed the product to market to get ahead of the NEO 2. Seems like indoor trainers are possibly following a similar path to what automotive manufacturers do…rush a product to market without extensive testing/QC and “hope” it works out.


You‘re Right, for sure there was something going on when I did ride down a mountain with 90 km/h. We live in a Apartment house and with my second Kickr I had a vibration issue, neighbours were ringing. If everything works fine, the Kickr nearly does no vibration and only chain sound and sweat goes in your ears.


Just chiming in here: I am currently at my second unit. The first one showed a metallic squealing/scuffing after about a month of use. Wahoo replaced the unit pretty quickly, four days after my support request I had a new unit an was only interrupted in my training for one day.
The second unit suffers now- again after a month‘s use- from heavy vibrating. Wahoo support again told me, they‘ll swap the unit. That was last thursday. In the meantime the faulty unit has been picked up. The new one has not been shipped yet, without telling me a reason for the Delay. Seems like a longer brake in my training now and i am really pi$$ed… If the new unit is faulty again, i will get a refund and get a Neo2. This was my first wahoo product and it will be my last. Considered buying a elemnt bolt for my wife, but that won‘t happen now.

Just needed to vent my anger, sorry.



I work in automotive. This sounds about right.


Vibrating only at high speeds when coasting down or can you feel while pedaling at all flywheel speeds?

Also my first Wahoo product and I was excited to get this trainer, but seems I made a mistake…


Personally, if you have the option to jump ship and get your money, grab it and run. Grab the neo 2 if you can.

I’m surprised they picked it up before your new one was shipped. Wahoo told me to continue to use my unit and ship my old one out once the new one was received. Being on my forth and no way out now, I think they owe the customer the least amount of disturbance from using the device, such as if the device is still usable, continue to use it until the new is shipped. They at least owe us that.


Seeing a number of places with original Neo under $1000, so that is a great alternative.


I suffer with you, know that feeling so well. Don’t be afraid of the bolt, that things works😋


Interestlingly it started at medium flywheel speeds. Shiftting up or down and thus increasing or reducing flywheel speed (in erg mode) reduced it for a while. At the end it happend at all speeds…

In theory the kickr is a good product. Great form factor, portability etc. So if it works, just be happy with it :wink:


I thought that they were quick the last time and will be quick again. Seems to be wrong. But I wouldnt have used it anyways - the last time the vibrations were so intense that I really felt bad for my neighbours…


My replacement Kickr 2018 that has be in service since 02/08/2019 developed this little gem of a noise this morning…key/key-way issue?

My original one didn’t suffer from this noise but rather the vibration/droning sound.


My kickr 2018 bought in October 2018 made a loud noise. In January 2019, I received a warranty replacement in serial number 011842 ****.
Yesterday, during training, the same crash began again as the previous one. After 20 minutes the noise disappeared.
I was confused, I thought that the problem was with the noise was eliminated at the factory level.


Yup, that’s the Wahoo Clickr sound. Another keyway problem.


Don’t let “buyer’s remorse” get the better of you. Millions sold and the only time you hear stories is when someone isn’t happy. You will almost never hear stories from the happy people.


What? The typical definition of Buyer’s Remorse is about general regrets from a high cost purchase that was not essential, or more than needed.

These Kickr issues are real and substantive problems with the units purchased. Actual failures (keyway clicking), vibrations (unbalanced flywheel) and even complete destruction of the circuit board (via Electrostatic Discharge). It either hampers or totally prevents functional use.

Regardless of the percentage stated from Wahoo, the is affecting hundreds and more likely thousands of customers. Many I have seen are dealing with multiple replacements.

This is a valid concern for any current owners or potential buyers.


Thank you Chad.

I’m reeeeeeeeeally perplexed on how they can be shipping replacement units with a known issue.


We must pay tribute to the support of Wahoo. They admits mistakes and tries to correct the situation. In general, the work of support is beyond praise.