Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



In general, yes… Wahoo is replacing bad units.

But I know of at least 3 users who went thru 5 total units, all having one issue or another. Wahoo seems to get more and more difficult to deal with as you get into the 2nd and 3rd replacement.

I love my Kickr17, Climb and Bolt. They are great units and I am more than happy with them. But Kickr 18 issues, Wahoo’s reluctance to acknowledge the issue in the origin around October, and even inconsistent handling of replacements (some get a new unit before sending the defect back, others are forced to sent back before a replacement is sent) have lead me to be more cautious about future Wahoo purchases.

They have not excelled in handling this mess, IMHO.


I have tried to read through this thread and I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing with my Core is acceptable/normal or not.

Basically when keeping a smooth pedal stroke and no increase in torque/power it seems fine. But when trying to increase power I feel what I would describe as a vibration? Sort of like crunchy bearings. It doesn’t really make a sound exactly which makes it hard to make a video. I feel it more through the frame. And the power increase can be as small as a 20-30 watt increase.

Its also most pronounced on the down stroke which is when the most torque would be applied which makes me think its either just the system applying more resistance or there is something just a tiny bit loose somewhere that moves with the extra applied torque.

In november I installed a new bb, cassette, chain, and crankset so drivetrain wear shouldn’t be the cause. Recleaned and waxed the drivetrain just to be sure thats not the issue.

So I’m not sure if this is just how additional resistance feels on a Kickr Core or if its a problem. Its been like this since I got it so hard to know what is normal. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

On a side note, does anyone experience abnormally high resistance when not in a workout? For example when warming up the trainer (in the app but no workout loaded) it usually takes 120watts to ride 21km/h (13mph). This is the same in both the trainerroad app and the wahoo app. I have done spin downs in both apps and this seems to be the baseline for both when not in a workout.

Once i start a trainerroad workout the resistance lets go and resumes what feels “realistic” for riding on a flat road. (i don’t have a pm). I have also had post workout where I want to keep spinning but the brake jams on to the point of not being able to pedal. I stop pedaling and the brakes lets off. Then begin pedaling and the brake goes on full. This has only happened a couple times so not sure what is going on.


About 20 hours on my Kickr 18 and the clicking started. Customer service seems overwhelmed with the issues. Really regretting my purchase…


That is the impression I get as well. As I said, some people are reporting great interactions and response time, while others get more resistance and difficulty. It’s not a common experience across the board.

I fully expect the fatigue from constant issues to be taking a toll on any and all in the Customer Service dept.


Less than 18 hours of TR workouts on mine when the clicking started this morning.



It’s really hurting their brand. I hope they understand the impact. It’s too bad, I had high hopes.


The recent issues are the only reason I went with Tacx over Wahoo.


I agree, I doubt I would get another Kickr when the 17 model dies.


That sounds similar to my first few rides. I did make a video and you can only just hear the bearings crunching. My feeling is that the belt was way too tight.

Try asking Wahoo what the correct belt setting is and they will keep telling you to ‘return it to factory specs’. Whatever they are?
The belt will stretch eventually and the spin down times will increase from sub 10 seconds to something closer to 20 seconds (if your unit is suffering the same fate as mine).
The bearings sound like they have suffered permanent damage. Time will tell on that one.

I also had a crazy clicking noise that appeared during my first warmed up factory spin down. The first few spin downs failed until the noise stopped.

I’m guessing most people don’t. Kinda handy for Wahoo.

I’m currently trying to get my hands on a second power meter so I can confirm if my unit is reading approximately 30w lower than my PM. That would be one hell of a leg imbalance that manages to hold 30 watts more power all the time.

It could be that my power meter is faulty. Then again, I don’t really trust the set files that were sent to me by the distributor when they denied my refund request. The graphs look like the set was performed with power matching enabled.
Given my first experiences with the unit it’s only fair that I’m doubting the Core.


Yeah, have to disagree with this. My experience was not exactly praiseworthy. It was slow to initiate, required three attempted contacts on my part, an additional ten days to receive a replacement unit, and going to the hassle of lugging a 51lb box to a FedEx point, and the only follow up I’ve received from Wahoo was to make sure I shipped the old one to the correct warehouse, not a “thanks, and sorry for all the trouble.”

They’re losing customers. Don’t know how many, but there are more than a few folks looking elsewhere for trainers, HRMs, computers, etc. Not good when you’re about to have to take on Garmin and CycleOps, among others, head-to-head in all of those arenas now. With the exception of my Elemnt Bolt, all of my CycleOps products are/were consistently better than my Wahoo products have been, and Customer Support is every bit as seamless with them.

If this Core fails, I’m returning it and spending a bit more coin on either a Hammer or a Neo. I won’t go through this four or five times.


Thanks. After reading other posts about bearings it sounds like it will need to go back for a replacement.


It’s a tough one to decide what a major fault is.
In Aus it needs to be a major fault to demand a refund.
False accuracy claims. Bearing failure. Fried circuit boards. That’ll do it.

A new purchase shouldn’t feel like this. Wahoo isn’t alone in that department at least.


When you say that your trainer is under reading 30w, does that mean you see 300w as power generated on screen but the “real” wattage generated is 330w? Or the other way around where it says you are holding 300w but the “real” wattage generated is 270w?



It was suggested by the distributor that I have a left/right leg imbalance that’s causing the difference. Plus drivetrain losses and +/- accuracy claims combining in the perfect storm.
It’s seems funny how the 30 watts remains when I pedal with only my left leg clipped in and pedalling.

Again, it could be the PM that’s out of whack, but my gut tells me it’s the new machine suffering from obvious quality control issues.

On a side note, I threw a tape measure on the legs of the Core last night. The cross bars that hold the unit upright are slightly longer on one side. I’d say that makes sense as the bike sits off center, except that if I turn them around the logo stickers would be facing down at the carpet.
Quality control.


Today I have received my third unit and did Pettit as a test. Sounds fine at the moment, but I think I will see in about a month if the unit is faulty or not. I have slight hopes that it could be fine this time because the sound of this one is different from the others. There is a kind of “silent swooshing”, similar to the sound you’ll hear when you riding fast outside. But I won’t let my hopes get to high… I’ll keep you posted…

A word about the wahoo support: Here in Germany (and in my two cases) their reply times were quick, usually less than 24 hours. But this time it took them a week to send out the new unit (last time it was a matter of three days until I had a new one). They have the old units picked up at a time that is convenient for you. So more or less it is a positive support experience. But even the best support experience becomes a nightmare if you have to contact them again and again because of the same issue…


I can confirm the great support in Germany, but as said that helps me nothing if I have to send my device back every 6 weeks. Hope my Neo 2 arrives the next days.


You guys are scaring me! I have had my new Core for several weeks and it has been flawless. No noise, just seems to be perfect in every way.
I really doubt I will have the ESD issue here being in the deep south where humidity is high.
I really do not like the fact that I cannot see speed on the screen (but it does SAVE the speed and average speed when it logs the ride into Strava). So, I modified my Core by adding a thin aluminum ‘flag’ on the main wheel with double-stick tape, then stuck a small rare-earth magnet on the end of the flag. Now my original Cateye 9 shows me the speed.
Now I can log my rides from my smart phone Wahoo Fitness app into RideWithGPS.


Just submitted my fourth ticket into Wahoo. My replacement Kickr Core just stopped working after 1 day of use. They were quick to replace my first unit but they shipped the replacement to me with an old-style power block. I noted that it didn’t match the picture they emailed me so I submitted another ticket asking them what I should do. They sent me a new style power block (1 week later) and 1 ride later I’m dead-in-the-water again. Frustrating to say the least. Really have enjoyed the product otherwise.


I agree completely. The only Wahoo product I’d recommend is the Bolt, but only if someone isn’t already in the Garmin ecosystem.


I am on my third unit in 5 months and it just died. No power or speed readings. Wahoo says I need to send it back. I am completely over wahoo and will be switching to something else.