Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Thanks Chad. I have now purchased a second hand hammer. Keen to give it a try but waiting to get my hands on some thru axle end caps. We can’t buy them in Australia from the distributor or through the CycleOps website. The original owner misplaced them.


Same thing happened to me. I reached out yesterday and have the ticket etc. How quickly did they ship your replacement unit?



I submitted a ticket last Wednesday morning and they shipped the unit on Monday. Delivery was scheduled for last night (unfortunately was not around to sign for it). If you don’t hear back on the ticket by this afternoon I would recommend giving them a call, that’s what I did and they immediately agreed to ship out a new unit.


Thank you sir. Ill keep the Forum posted for those wondering.


Replacement Kickr Core died after a couple rides. Moving on to a Neo 2. Wahoo better refund me. Couldn’t be more disappointed in Wahoo.


That’s the truly unforgiveable issue. Having an item fail and be quickly replaced is frustrating but forgiveable, but when the replacement comes and dies exactly the same way the company has lost me totally.


Exactly. To add insult to injury, their reply this time states:

We can get you an updated CORE from here at HQ that has all internals replaced and ESD protection installed. It may take a few days extra to get shipped out as they prepare it for you. Would you like to do that?

LMAO! What did you send me the first time?! I replied that I am moving on and hope for a refund.


I chuckled at another thread where a guy dropped $900 on a Kickr Core just recently, it fried from ESD and Wahoo replaced it and he commented that he was a customer for life. I’d prefer the $900 trainer work right the first time, and the hassle be avoided, particularly five months after identifying the problem. I don’t get how Wahoo has allowed an inventory of defective Core trainers to still exist. Again, you’re loading the entire issue on your customer at the tail end of the supply chain, and you can’t cover that up with after the fact replacements and call it “excellent customer service.” Excellent customer service starts first by having a product that doesn’t fail repeatedly, and then taking action to ensure that you’re not putting your customers through hassle for an issue you’ve known about for literally half a year.


Absolutely agree. I was totally unaware of the issue until my Kickr died. Then I saw online it was a known defect and I was done - I called and had the replacement canceled and shipped the dead Kickr back for a full refund. No way am I tolerating that kind of bull crap on a ~1k purchase. No tolerance for that at all - I can get a defect but a known issue and you’re still shipping the units?!

Plus they claim it’s three percent or units (which is difficult to believe), but even if that’s true when did it become acceptable to fleece 3% of your customers?!


Did they refund you? I haven’t heard back from them yet. I now have dead units in my possession.


Yes - I was within the 30 day window (just barely) so they had no choice. Not sure how they’d handle it if I wasn’t.


Haha I was that guy. To each their own. Everyone prefers things to work the first time but shit happens. I was more commenting on their customer service handling it in a hassle free way. I am in no way affiliated with Wahoo.


The people from Wahoo CS were great. I agree.


I presume many already know this, but for those that do not, this is directly from the customer service rep from Wahoo that I have been working with:

“Concerning the warranty period of the trainer, the warranty period applies to the date of receipt of the original trainer (1 year).”

I guess my advice would be to plan accordingly.

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I think with everything that is going on Wahoo should be giving us the 2 year warranty that the EU is getting. I know when its convenient my core is going back. Closest store that has it is 1.5 hours away.


I am daily more and more grateful that I returned mine immediately after the first failure rather than going through this repeat process over and over. My Hammer is not the most amazing trainer ever and for sure I wish it was more reactive and quieter – but it works. It works, and I don’t have a fear that my ride will suddenly end and my training be thrown off. It doesn’t make crazy noises and I don’t feel like I spent >1k on a shoddy piece of crap. Wahoo really burnt me on trainers, I love their Elemnt but I’ll probably never buy another trainer from them.


I reported earlier on this thread that my 2018 Kickr, purchased in early October 2018 had a bearing that went out as of February 2019. A ticket was open with Wahoo customer service and they were set to send me a new one. Update: My new 2018 Kickr arrived about four business days after they notified me they were sending it out. The new Kickr has not had any problems.


NIce, and I hope it stays good for you.


It seems either people are not reporting as much or it’s starting to die down, the amount of failures or people just quit buying them. I’ve got 35.5 hours on my fourth but I’ve seen them last to 48 hours of use before failure. But this new one, no vibrations or wave of vibrations, sounds just as good as when I got it. I take my headphones off after every ride and listen to it for three minutes. I’ll continue until my fear goes away, might be a while. At 6 plus rides a week ranging from 60 to 120 minutes a ride, I’ll be coming up on my 48 hour record of use soon.


I’m on my 3rd replacement kickr 18. The first 2 developed buzzing/humming noises and vibration. I have to say that wahoo customer service in the UK has been fantastic. They are promising me a replacement that has been tested for a few days and with a hardware upgrade.