Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



My last one, I thought it was my bike at first, I felt what I thought was in the front crank, like I was hitting something or somethings wrong in the bearings. Which progressed to get worse and then when it became really pronounced, you could tell it was the kickr. From there, the kickr took a nose dive. This took around the same 24 to 26 hours of use as the first one that failed me. Local bike shop took it apart, found a mangled washer and there was play in the flywheel. The bike was bought in July 2018 Trek Emonda SL7 with Ultegra Di2, so I was really hesitant on blaming it on the bike. Bike shop swapped it out. I’m on my third Kickr, about two weeks of use, around 6 to 7 hours of use per week. So, I’ll find out in the next two weeks if this one holds up.

Good luck, hope you don’t have an issue with yours. I still support them even with my bad luck so far.


My first Kickr (from REI) was a dud. Got it replaced in a week or so by Wahoo, and I have had no problems since for about 3 months now.


Funny, both my duds were from REI, they must have gotten one heck of a batch of them.


I shared this elsewhere, but an FYI:

  • Model with the serial number starting 011839 or higher, should be fixed.
  • Model with the serial number starting 011838 or lower, may have the problem.
    • The manufacturing problem leading to the noise apparently took place BEFORE that date code.

To break down the serial number method:

  • 01 18 39 (spaces added for clarity)
    • 01 (not sure on this value),
    • 18 (I am guessing 18 meaning 2018 for the year),
    • 39 (the 39th week of the year)
    • remaining numbers are most likely the actual “serialization” that tracks each individual unit.

Kickr Core maybe it’s me...?

I mentioned this in your thread also, my first one that failed was 01181900198, so my guess would be that was done in the 19th week of production, of course, it failed.

My current is 01183600368, so 36th week of production. Previously mentioned, I didn’t keep track of my second one.

I was hoping to find a rhyme or reason based on serial number but not so far. REI said they’ll continue to support me and return it if there are any issues.


I edited my post above with my best guess on serial number breakdown.


Just a little more clarification, was it just the 39th week of production that had issues or did you see others? (of course it looks like my week of production has issues also)


I revised the text above to hopefully be more clear.

For clarity, this is info I found on the Wahoo FB group, and simply shared here. I have not gotten this directly from Wahoo.


Thank you for the update. So, potentially I have another one on my hands… My third one from REI that I returned for the H2 was 01183001490, so it was the 30th week and potential issue. If this is all true, they’ve got quite a few units out there with this issue.


Yeah, seems you might be in the bad range. You may be fine as I think some in that range are fine.

It’s hard to know how many units Wahoo produced and shipped before the issue was identified and fixed in production. They likely had many thousands out on launch day (Sept 12 IIRC) and obviously built more between then and the time the problems started to be seen.

There is always a lag in production like this when there is stock on hand and ongoing production.


My number is 01183000525. But mine is very silent despite made in W30 after 6 weeks off SSB work.


Mine shows up tomorrow so I’ll cross my fingers. I actually currently have CycleOps hammer but wanted the new Kickr for the silence since I live in an apartment. The hammer is not super loud but the higher pitched noise that it makes is a bit annoying. I guess if the kickr doesn’t work out I will just keep the hammer.

How do you like the H2 so far?


Mine is 01183300371 but has been good so far. Knock on wood.


I kept the H2 for a day, one ride. The Kickr is about 53db, the H2 was from 73db to 79db. It was louder than my headphones. At 3am in the morning, it wasn’t acceptable when the price for the H2 was the same as the Kickr. I’ve seen the H2 on sales lately for around 900 us. It’s not bad but I also have a through axle which bugs me with the H2, you can’t spin it 360 degree’s, so it’s tough tightening and loosening. Sound and through axle was enough for me to take it back and deal with Kickr production issues.


My 2018 #011837…is bad. Started to do it after 3 hrs. I’m hoping the replacement part cures it for good.


My fix kit arrived today. There’s not much to the kit, this is what you get in the package:


I’d say it took me an hour to do. Like most things like this, if I had to do it again, it would take 10 mins. It’s a little more complicated than most of the replacement part fixes I’ve done on my Snap though. Once I took the Kickr apart, it’s obvious what the problem is. Part listed as #1 is too small for the hole it’s supposed to go in, and it rotates, so when you’re riding, it’s sliding around in it’s sleeve which is the knocking noise. The replacement part is a lot tighter fit (so that it doesn’t move), but that means it’s kind of difficult to get wedged in there. I was worried that I would cause damage to the Kickr doing the fix which is why it took an hour instead of 10 mins. I wasn’t sure that I did it correctly, but I followed the instructions and hoped for the best.

A 1 hour workout done and no noise, so hopefully it’s fixed permanently now. If you have basic tools (torque wrench, socket set) I would say you should go ahead and fix yourself. I would ask for a replacement if it would mean you have to buy tools to do the fix. Another option they give you is to get an authorized seller to do the fix for you, which might actually be the best option for a lot of folks.



Got mine today and immediately checked the serial number - week 34. Bummer. No noise on the short spin I did today but I know for some it has developed after some time.

If it develops I think I’ll just return it and continue to use my hammer.


Just got a #011834xxxxx 2 days ago from CleverTraining - started knocking on the downstrokes with power > 185W or so. Tested 2 bikes so definitely the Kickr. Bummed! :frowning: deciding what I’ll do and what my options are from CT. Don’t have a ton of faith with Wahoo at the moment - tempted to just stick with my indestructible Kinetic Roadmachine + PM combo but we’ll see what happens.


Exactly where I got mine from and it’s the same serial number date. No noise on short recovery spin but I’ll do something with a bit more power tomorrow to see what happens. Really annoying that this is such a widespread issue and wasn’t caught by Wahoo before production.


Sadly, changes and new designs have issues like this. Small production run samples and legit full production runs are different animals.

Its why the common statement of being an early adopter comes with some risk. In this case. I think they tried to get geared up to meet what they expected to be strong demand.

Unfortunately, that may well have lead to the significant count of bad units out in the world before the problem was identified and corrected for future units.