Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Good luck. At least within a known issue serial range, gives me some hope that later # units will be permanently fixed. Probably gonna give it another shot will follow up if I get another unit.


What made you switch from the Hammer?


I have the Road Machine and PM combo and all these issues make me question if if I want to make the switch. With the H2 on sale it’s becoming top on my list


That knocking was in my second one, gets worse fast from there.

If noise isn’t an issue and you dont need 360 degrees to tighten down your through axle, the h2 is a great option especially the price theyre on sale for. I ride at 3am in the garage and 20db increase in noise over the wahoo was too much for me. My through axle is fixed, you have to push a button, release, turn, grab, release, its a pain on the h2. I didn’t know there was a button on the through axle before the h2.


Just the sound was a bit annoying to me and I live in an apartment. Otherwise it has been great.


Noise isn’t a huge issue for me but I wish I knew how something 70db compares to my KK Road Machine. I’m completely satisfied with its noise level. I’m in a basement but it is under our bedroom so if it’s annoyingly loud it could be a issue. I usually wear BT headphones and I don’t hear my trainer when riding.


Grab an app for your phone, get a basic idea. I used decibel x on my iphone, free. The wahoo was about 52db and the H2 was reading between 73db and 79db. After using the Kickr for two plus months, use to that noise level, it was one use of the H2 and took it back.

And just to compare, hold a conversation while running decibel x, you’ll find your conversation louder than the Kickr.


Good idea!


My Kickr 18 has the knocking issue. Purchased from REI this year.

Customer support sending me the replacement parts plus $100 credit. Called local bike shop/dealer who agreed to perform the repair, although this will be the first time the shop has done this repair.


I have a Kickr Core that works fine. The first one they sent me had the problems described above but this one has a bunch of hours on it and seems to work fine


Is it normal or acceptable for the flywheel to be slightly out of true? This is the drum with the stickers on it.


Are you asking about a vibration?


I really like how quiet the CORE is.


At higher flywheel speeds it seems to increase vibration significantly, for example during a spin down.

Also if I spin the flywheel I can visually see that it slightly out of true similar to looking at a wheel with some slight side to side movement.


I got one of the first batch to hit Australia. Nil issues from me and I have used it for over 20-30 hours (possibly more)


Ok, I’ve heard some others mention vibration. Got new units with the same problem, while others are smooth.

I know one who used a bit of Gorilla tape to balance it and pretty much solve the vibrations.


I double checked my Kickr this morning, its between 64db and 72db, i was off by quite a bit. Other than the through axle being an issue for me, id have a hard time not recommending the H2 as a good alternative to the Kickr especially at the sale prices lately.


Funny you say that. I returned the Kickr and ordered the h2 on Friday for $856. Reasons for my decision:

-$100 cheaper than kickr 18

  • h2 has 2 year warranty on electronics and lifetime on frame, wahoo is a one year warranty
  • h2 made in USA in my home state
  • h2 felt more stable and had better road feel to me


I think you made a good choice, One of the things i liked about the H2 is that it was made in the USA. Support was easy to talk to.

(Completely changed this post after re-reading the post)


Since I wasn’t sure what 72db really sounds like I measured my KK Road Machine with a fan running nearby and between 200w-250w it’s around 72db give or take and that noise level isn’t a issue for me.