Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Hey, how can I get the replacement kit?
Emali Wahoo?



I have one. I have about 40 hours on it. No issues thus far.


Hope not to jinx myself but I’ve got around 31 hours on the third one, no noises so far.


Ugh, just had the exact same issue last night regarding the “knocking” while pedaling and spent ~2 hours trying to diagnose what it was. I purchased my Kickr in September from REI and based on the info in this thread it was one of the bad production serial numbers. Just took it back to REI today and going to replace it with an H2 at this point as indoor training is well underway. I know they’re trying to fix it but reading about people on their 2nd or 3rd Kickr is worrisome to me. Definitely expected a better first experience with the Kickr for the price tag.


Yes, open a support ticket with Wahoo. I uploaded a short video with the trainer making the clicking noise with my ticket. They responded next day and I had the kit in my hand the day after that. Very fast response time. I’ve not had any issues since the fix which was a few weeks ago now.

I was at my LBS on the weekend and I asked them if they had seen many issues with the Core or 18Kickr and they said they hadn’t. They did mention that Wahoo had sent them kits in advance in case any customers have issues. So, that’s another option if you have a Wahoo retailer in your area. They may have the kits and likely will do the fix for you.


Just got a Core and have some issues with vibration and significantly off power readings (~50 watts lower comparing against my quarq).

Open a support ticket and was given the option to do the replacement myself with $100 Wahoo credits or a new tested unit. I took the option of a new tested unit.


2 weeks in (about 8 hours on the trainer so far) and no issue with my 2018 Kickr.


Did they give you any indication of the wait time for the new unit?


Communication is a little slow due to the difference in time zone, but I just gave them my shipping address, will update again when they give me a ETA.


Ok. When I was communicating with them they said kits would be sent straight away (it was I got it the next day), but replacement units would be … longer. No information on how long the delay would be, so just curious. Please post when they give you an ETA.


I actually broke my socket head while trying to loosen the anchor bolt of the belt tension pulley (it was a cheap multi-tool kit) so i figured it might be a safer choice to get a replacement unit. Not sure if they used red loctite for that bolt :man_shrugging:

However I don’t think my particular issue is related to the woodruff key as it is not a clunking sound, so the kit might not fix it.

On a side note, for all those on Core, what kind of spindown timings are you getting? I’m getting anything between 8-9.5 secs give or take, not sure if that is too short and out of “spec”?


No, it didn’t sound like it was the same issue. I’m making an assumption that you would join in the same queue for a replacement unit though, so getting intel on how long that queue was might help people make an informed decision about what to do. I think most people would prefer a new unit if the wait was short.


Absolutely, would update again once I got a ETA on the delivery.

Just FYI, based on the conversation with Wahoo support, they will ship me the replacement unit first and only after receiving it am I required to send back the defective unit using the return labels. That should help to minimize the down time assuming that your unit is still usable.


I didn’t get that impression last time. They sent me a shipping label, said 3 to 5 days after they received mine. Did they change policy with all these issues?


I am located in Asia, not sure if the policy is slightly different due to geographical location?

Also just to point out that there is a mentioned of “entering the queue”, which could potentially mean a long waiting time for them to actually send out the replacement unit.


I’ve been pretty vocal about my issues with the Kickr 2018 in some other groups/forums, but VERY long story short, I’ve been through FIVE Kickr 2018s in the past few months and am returning the fifth one for good and giving the Neo 2 a shot. Wahoo support was pretty good for awhile, but in the end they simply couldn’t procure a unit for me that didn’t have a noise or vibration problem.

Perhaps I’m just too picky, but I expect some level of issue-free quality for $1200, and I’m not afraid of return policies or customer support tickets.




That is more than double of what I am getting… Lets hope the replacement unit will be better.


This sounds really bad, you would think that after 5 units, you should have gotten a unit that works as intended.

Just curious, how bad was the vibration and did you noticed if the power readings were significantly off when you run it together with a powermeter?


I had my first Kickr18 replaced, same issue happened with the second unit. Reseller gave me an option to return unit or have them send me the replacement/stronger parts to ‘fix myself’. Was happy with that option as I didn’t want to loose a week plus whilst they fixed it and shipped back.

All fixed, no issues so far and didn’t loose any workouts just moved them around within the week :slight_smile: Calendar makes that a breeze.

Tip: even though I purchased it through a reseller I politely complained directly to Wahoo as this should never of happened on such a premium product. They gave me a $140AU, think that is $100US discount code. I used it to buy the Headwind which is awesome but obscenely expense but the $140 off made it appealing.

I believe this is their standard position you just need to ask. Good luck.