Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



@arcos My first three units had the infamous “clunk.” My retailer took the first two back, and Wahoo took the third one back and replaced it with a “tested” unit that they had applied the key/bolt hardware fix to. This unit vibrated badly on freewheeling and Wahoo sent me a second “tested” unit that their service manager himself test rode before shipping. It also vibrates, but less than the previous unit. The vibration on this fifth unit can only be really felt when freewheeling when there’s not much resistance load (like during a spindown, or coasting downhill in Zwift).

Wahoo claims the vibration is “normal” due to the size of the freewheel, and that application of the magnetic resistance brake helps to stabilize the flywheel and thus reduce the vibration.

The fact is that the vibration is there from an unbalanced flywheel which is a manufacturing defect and QC issue (and/or rumored bearing issues, I’m not certain). Applying the magnetic brake (aka, riding with resistance, like in Erg mode workout, or climbing a hill in Zwift) might help stabilize it sure, but it also helps because it slows the flywheel down pretty fast when you stop pedaling, and when the flywheel isn’t spinning fast, the vibration is minimal. But when coasting downhill in Zwift if the flywheel is spinning fast or especially during a spindown calibration, the vibration is readily apparent as it vibrates the whole bike (and I can hear a low “buzzing” I think caused by the imbalance of the flywheel spinning at high speed). I imagine the vibration is there all the time while pedaling, it’s just harder to feel because of the drivertrain. That said, during normal Erg mode workouts and Zwift rides, it’s not bothersome.

But the OCD part of me that paid $1200 knows it shouldn’t vibrate at all, at any time. I loved my Kickr 2017 and it had zero vibration. I don’t know what the longterm consequences might be (like premature bearing failure), but the buzzing sound is getting louder the more I ride. That said, I have preordered a Neo 2, while I figure out if I want to return this Kickr 2018 for a refund. I’m not real sold on trying a sixth one. YMMV.

Oh, the other part of the problem is that Wahoo support basically told me they don’t need me as a customer anymore. They offered to refund this fifth Kickr, but are not offering me any more support or another replacement (regardless of whether I’d take it).

EDIT: See updated post below.


If I had that in writing, it would be hard not to quote and post it in a review on they’re website and the vendor site you purchased it from. I’d hope that Wahoo hasn’t gotten too big for they’re britches that they don’t need good customer service. So far, service has yet to give me that type of service. Third unit working on 40 hours, still, so far, so good… My local REI has been responding to emails and offering any help that I need so far, pretty happy with them dealing with this.


Mate, you really have bad luck. Firstly was Elite Drivo II failure, then few Kickr… Hope that Neo2 would be perfect. I going to buy neo2 as well :slight_smile:


Sad panda, I know. The Drivo II was supposed to save me from the hassles of the first two failed Kickrs, but that didn’t work out. Haha. Really wanted a working Kickr and to be a Wahooligan, but it’s not meant to be. I hope the Neo2 is perfect too. I’m seeing very few major issues with it online. Fingers crossed. I’ve been playing musical trainers now since July.

Also, buyer beware, I wrote a critical review of the Kickr 2018 on Clever Training’s website (to provide some reality to all the 5-star reviews there), and they still haven’t posted it. Seems they like curating their reviews. Bummer.


I checked my not so good review on REI, it’s still there. I’m on the fence for recommending it (Kickr). On another note, I’d have a hard time supporting a vendor who picks and chooses what reviews to post.


Kinda figured that may be the case there, I’m generally skeptical anytime I see 5 star reviews across the board for any product.


A quick update on my particular situation, Wahoo has handed me off to my country’s distributor (not the shop i bought from) to manage the replacement.

Now awaiting for my local distributor to contact me about it.


I’m wondering if we will ever get to the point of a full blown recall, or how widespread it actually is.

The Kickr Core in particular is getting so much praise as the best value trainer of the year from DC Rainmaker and Shane Miller yet all I hear about are issues.


I just wanted to leave one follow up here for posterity. I did a ride today in Zwift (which I rarely do, since I’m almost always doing TrainerRoad workouts) and the vibration was readily apparent during normal pedaling when in the large chainring (which increases the flywheel speed). Freewheeling wasn’t necessary, as I could feel the whole bike vibrating just while pedaling around.

Honestly, this makes me feel much better… vindicated that I’m not crazy or too picky. It is definitely defective. Bummer really, because then I look like the pain in the ass customer, when really, I’ve been served five defective products in a row.


Local distributor just told me that they are out of stock for the Wahoo Core till late Jan 2019, potentially even later.

They are asking me to bring over my unit and they will loan me either a Kickr17 or 18 depending on stock.

While Wahoo support is taking care of the issue, it is still frustrating to not get a unit that just works… Dealing with the returns is just time and effort that could be better used else where.


JUST 7.5 hours on the kickr core (about a month since first use)… Bought it through clever training and boom did a little spin today and that clacking sound started up… :frowning:
Yes I know about the old chain - new cassette issue (which is a separate annoyance) and this is definitely the flywheel itself after taking the bike off.
My serial is 401838xxxxx
I feel like it’s only going to get worse :confused:

What do you guys suggest I do, I think I’ll use it for another week just to make sure as my drivetrain was a little dirty… Does anyone have experience with the Kickr core and the 1838 serial number?


return it and buy a Neo would be my recommendation.


I got a CycleOps H2 after returning my Kickr and have been very happy with it.


i have done this and neo is perfect !


no noise issues here, the chain and cassette make the most noise


Email Wahoo customer service and they can arrange to send you the repair kit.


Can I ask where you purchased your H2? $856 is much lower than I can find it anywhere.



Sure, I purchased from clever training when CycleOps had all of their trainers at 20% off about a month ago. I also have the VIP membership with clever training that took an additional 10% off.

I believe cycleops does the 20% off a few times a year but it might not show up for another couple months.


Thanks for the email… took a bit for them to respond
In short I bought the unit from elsewhere… So if I chose “please provide a copy of your receipt”… I don’t know how smooth with them unless that’s not an issue here?? I would rather option 2


Still have no issues with my 2018 kickr.