Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Coming up on two months on my third unit, starting to get comfortable. Hopefully nothing till I need to change the belt some time late next year.


My power is 30w-50w low. No vibrations or any noise. Fully disassembled trainer, optical sensor clean, there was a cover bolt that wasn’t even screwed in and probably would have fallen out eventually and got stuck on a magnet. Key on the pulley was super tight there is no way this one will clunk. No loctite on any bolt. Spin down out of box was about 10sec. It’s 14sec after I re adjusted the belt, it seemed way too tight. I will find out what the spindown spec should be from wahoo next week.


My spindown on the CORE is around 23secs


Wow mines around 10 seconds and reads very low.


Maybe you need to loosen the belt a little…mine is quite accurate as well when I compare to p1 pedals. Couple of watts difference in average over a ride. It tends to be just above the p1s in reading power.


So mine was like 10 seconds. I just did a spin down on a Kickr 2018 at the shop and it was 25 seconds. Power was within 3.5% of my stages. I just did a quick test but that seems reasonable. When I get home I’m going to adjust the belt on the core to 20 second spin down time and see if that affects wattage.


Let me know how it goes. I’ve been meaning to work on mine but have been putting it off. I had massive flywheel rubbing out of the box but it rubbed itself clear from riding. I might adjust that while I’m at it.


Also if you ever take your kickr core fully apart you just use a square taper crank arm puller to remove the flywheel belt pulley. Someone was thinking on that one. Kickr 2018 pulley doesn’t have extraction threads. I actually had to pull off the flywheel as the screws holding the flywheel cover/backplate were not actually screwed in…


I was disappointed when I heard the Kickr 18 was coming out and supposed to be improved/quieter but now I am glad I got the Kickr 17, the year before.


The power on my Kickr 17 is on all the time.


Negligible affect. Also with my core belt basically all the way loose spin down was 20 seconds (19.8). watts still under over 10%

Just had another friend check his and it was 24seconds.


Just made my belt basically all the way loose couldn’t break 20 seconds.


Hi, Second Kickr 2018 and second time that it ends with noise and vibrations, regular training Not possible. Im really unhappy, whow could that be with a 1200 Euro product? I‘m really surprised how much trouble people has got. I would have not bought it knowing about these problems.


Hi all,
I’m new here, has been out of cycling for almost 3 years but now time to come back. Current plan is to use a TR/Garmin mixed setup (I still have all my old data in GC).

I ordered my Kickr Core 2 days ago from a Danish retailer, received it yesterday and will set it up next week. I weren’t aware of the potential issue until I started reading after I ordered it!

Serial is 401847xxxxx, thus assumed rather new build.
Anything I can do to check e.g. if this build has some fixes or just any improvements at all over the original launch model?

I’ll only have 2 weeks of actual usage before I then go on a 4 week journey mid-January.


Ride it. I have no faith that they have resolved the issues purely via serial number, as we seem to see people with new models having problems.


Same here, i have a kickr core but the spindown keeps failing, my spindown is easily below 10 seconds.
I have to check if the wattage is ok, i have to check with my 4iii pedal.
I have no faith it will be too good since i cant even perform a spindown which is necessary according to Wahoo. I made a ticket but i really want to call them because messaging back and forth will take ages and is will have an unreliable Core during this winter…


My spin down times were consistently around 10-11 seconds and my Core reads low compared to my PM. So I took just a little slack out of the belt and got a 20 second spin down yesterday. Unfortunately it really didn’t affect the power meter accuracy. So I’m just as frustrated today as I was a month ago. Power match just isn’t working good for me. I actually requested TR to look at my rides and see if they see a issue.


received my replacement unit… shall see (pray) if flywheel clacking stops


Received mine from Clever Training about 3 weeks ago, and after two rides started to make the loud rattling sound on the downstroke. Contacted Wahoo and they got back to me quickly, and shipped a replacement unit out, and advised me to hang on to the defective unit for continued (and deafening) training while I waited for the replacement. Got the replacement about a week later, and have had no issues on it so far – I’ll check the serial number when I get back home, not sure about the serial on the old one as I read it to the Wahoo customer service person but neglected to record it.

With all these issues, I’m tempted to order a Neo 2 and just be done with the Wahoo – curious how others are liking their Neo or Neo 2 trainers? Thanks!


i got the kickr core from CT as well during the initial 20%… my serial number was one of the old batch, havent opened up the replacement yet, though idk if it matters since the “new” one has been “tested”…