Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



Short answer: NO

Slightly longer answer: NO, I am on my second 2018 Kickr. First one had the replacement part, but afterwards made new and exciting noises. Clearly not enough testing, not enough refinement in production, no quality control, possible design flaws(?).

Am quite literally staggered that I have spent so much for such a flawed machine. Not just Wahoo though. I also purchased Garmin’s Vector 3 pedal last year and it had basic issues with the battery door requiring a repacement part, and frankly I just don’t trust the equipment anymore.

I used to own a Concept 2 rowing machine an equivalently priced machine, and one that you’d expect to survive industrial levels of abuse. It never missed a beat. Why would it. The difference is that the C2 was the only rowing machine any one would seriously buy, the rest being toys, novelties and pale imitations. MAybe there are just too many difference types of smart trainer, and we maybe a few need to be weeded out and then we can start to expect manufacturers selling lots of the same model, and refining quality not just adding function. Who knows. Bottom line, explaining to my family why I have spent £1500 on equipment that “just doesn’t work” is pretty hard…


I’ve now had a Core for the last week. Dead silent and works like a charm. Serial in week 44 so fingers crossed everything is fine for the foreseeable future.


Did send back my Kickr to Wahoo and will get a new one the next days. Support was verry helpfull and friendly but Im through with the Kickr and will sell it. I need something where Im not Beta Tester and did order a Neo 1 for 900 bucks in sale. Whish you good luck with your Kickr, really sad how such a good product could be ruined by Bad quality.


I’ve been following this thread as it started right about the time I bought my Kickr Core. I sold my 2016 Kickr for the silent version as I live in an apartment.

Everything was going great, I love the core, until Saturday when I went to do a ride and my Kickr was providing no resistance.

I called support and said I bought my core in November, I couldn’t have been on the phone for more than 2 minutes and the agent was like oh we’ll do a warranty replacement. So clearly they know that Kickrs sent out during a certain timeframe may have defects.

The only saving grace is I have the flu, so I’ve had to postpone training. I guess there is a good time to get sick hahaha.


Just for clarity, are we saying a good unit should take c. 20 seconds for a spin down, and c. 10 seconds if something is amiss?


I don’t think that’s the case. It completely depends on belt tension which can change with usage or over time even after belt replacement.


On my 3rd kickr snap which knocks just as well if not better than the 1st two. Have requested a full refund with silent treatment from customer service.


Ray Maker had some discussion with the Wahoo president/CEO.

"I did indeed get a chance to to chat with the CEO, Chip Hawkins, about the issues with the KICKR 18 and KICKR CORE.

While I had hoped to film a short interview/explainer bit with him, that didn’t quite happen. Instead, he’s committed to posting a detailed response here on the issues they’ve had from a technical/etc standpoint. For those that have followed past Chip postings, you know they tend to be pretty straight shooting.

I believe he flew back last night from CES, so I’ll give him a day or two.

However, the 3% figure is pretty much correct. What’s incorrect is everybody’s assumption (including mine) on just how many units are out there (I was waaaaay under, but obviously can’t detail the exact units shipped). Also incorrect was that it was a manufacturing facilities error, instead, a design error (well, two errors). I’ll let him detail it all out (mostly, since that’ll sorta force his hand on posting, rather than me doing it). And I suspect once he details the specific issues they’ve had from a technical standpoint, the light bulb will click a bit as to why it seems kinda random and why it could all of a sudden happen (and what they’ve done/doing about it).

Again, not trying to sidestep the technical explainers, but really just trying to bend Wahoo’s hand a bit on posting in their own voice, rather than mine."


I am now having a loud, deep sounding clicking, I thought it may be the bb on my Tarmac, changed to my cross bike and the noise is still there. I have had for 8 weeks, 3 trainer rides a week.

Support ticket in.


Where do these parts go? I am still trying to determine if this is my problem. I had knocking, almost like a skipping chain without the skipping, not the clicking sound in the fly wheel I have seen on some YouTube videos. I think I have isolated the noise to the large metal belt wheel. If I grab it and move it either way quickly and with force, there is a knock, like it is a little loose, but only in the direction that it turns, not side to side. I left a message for service today but haven’t heard back yet. Can someone post a video of the problem that the “fix kit” is supposed to solve?


Your best course of action is to raise a ticket with Wahoo. In addition, you can also post in the Wahoo Facebook group and get good responses.