Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



I‘m currently on my third Kickr 2018 and having a Neo in backhand in case of having issues again. Currently everything is okay, have got the first 500 km on the machine and its all silent and smoth. It also seems to me that they have done several updates on the hardware, pressing thumbs that everything will stay like it is. Support was very helpful, took 4 days and i got a new Kickr


I set my fliud2 back up for tomorrow’s workout. No word on my Wahoo trouble ticket now 24 hrs later… that is disappointing. I see that it is assigned to someone, but no other apparent movement.


Send them your proof of purchase, address, and serial number then wait on hold. I had to call them back after putting in a ticket, but I have sent off my unit and they are sending me a new one.


I got home from work too late to call them. Can try tomorrow and see if I can get movement. I sent them the pictures and proof of purchase yesterday with the ticket.


Apparently updating your ticket further pushes you to the bottom of the list… so don’t do that.


I have been waiting for 3 days for them to get back to me. All I want now is my money back so I can get a working trainer and continue my workouts! Some “great customer service”.


I’m 36 hours from ticket submission. Planning to call them when I get home. As @ErickVH said, we might have better luck with someone on the phone. I’ve seen no movement, which is disappointing after seeing the positive comments about Wahoo customer support in DC Rainmaker’s comments. I figured I’d at least have an email saying, “We’re working on it!” by now. Instead, I guess I’ll have to continue personal pursuit of correction of an issue with my $900 smart trainer that worked for exactly six hours…


Following up here, I called and spoke to Chandler. They’re very forthright about the issues with the Core, and think they have a new power brick that should solve the problem. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll ship my replacement until Tuesday, so I won’t have it until the end of next week. FWIW, I still don’t have an email response from my online ticket.

I appreciate this is a tough deal for them, but come on Wahoo.


My Core has gone back for a refund after the first week. 40watts lower readings than my PM, clunking noises and stickers flying all over the place. I also loved the surface rust where the paint was missing and the way the leg folds against the two plastic shrouds and damages them.

First time Wahoo user and I’d be lying if I said I’ll be able to get over it anytime soon.

My original spin down times weren’t even registering as the utility app froze up a few seconds in. I’m guessing that was due them being super low. Then the clunking/creaking started.
Once it stopped creaking they went from 8-10 secs and the spindown started working. By the time I sent it back it was reporting around 12 secs.


An ideal spindown for the core is around 22-25secs.


I’m happy with mine, have around 150-160 miles on it so far. No scary noises from my Kickr till now.


I got about 12 seconds on mine as well. But speed sensor is fried anyway… and I was using powermatch so didn’t care much.


I was using power match as well with my Stages PM.
I’m interested to know how the speed sensor is related to all the units that are showing large discrepancies in power figures? Just how many units are reading way off without the owners knowing? Not everyone runs a PM.

My personal experience with customer support has left me feeling like a mushroom. Glad to hear there is finally some open recognition of design faults by Wahoo.

If anyone owns a Core, try closing the leg up fully and see what it does to the plastic covers. Very nice feature.


Kickr core. Got about 15 hrs on it. It chirps or squeaks intermittently, belt rubbing sound. Has lessened with use, only did it a couple times yesterday when pedaling at recovery after an interval.

Folds fine.


So mine is the only Core unit that folds like this?


Edit: And then I remember that I don’t hate Wahoo…First experiences aside, I’m just pissed off at getting a taste and then being yanked of the teet.
The responsiveness of the unit was pretty cool. Although, I feel TR could ditch the drop in power 2 seconds before the interval finishes. It’s just weird.
The guts of the unit worked really well for me. If I ignored the 40 watt difference and used the PM full time it would be great.
If only it worked as a bike trainer without the need for a PM! 3% failure rate my backside.

Dig up Wahoo.


Checked the one I’ll be sending back for the failed speed sensor; it doesn’t fold like that. It hits a folding stop before it would ever contact the plastic cover.

On another note, received notification that I’m in the queue for a replacement Core with a new power brick. Expected 2-3 days. Only took them 4 days and one phone call to get back to me.


Mine must have a missing part then. Really interesting that mine folded all the way back like that.


I have a 2016 Kickr, it works flawless. My wife has a new Kickr, it was nice for a few rides then got very noisy. After trying to contact Wahoo on the phone several times with zero luck, i finally got through and was told to send an email with a video. that was 2 days ago and i still haven’t gotten a response. this morning i sent another video and picture of the serial number. Anybody else having problems or delays with Wahoo lately? Once it’s replaced and it happens again i’ll probably look for a reconditioned 2017 or another brand.


Bri (Wahoo Fitness Support)

Feb 1, 11:05 AM EST

Thank you for sending that information over. I’ll go ahead and get you in the queue for replacement.

At this time, no further action is necessary on your part. We are currently about a week out from shipping replacement units, as we are currently experiencing an influx of KICKR warranty claims needing replacements. These replacements will be new, tested units directly from our headquarters.

When your replacement arrives, please test to ensure the unit is satisfactory using only the new replacement block as identified by its serial number sticker, shown below:


My new Core shipped Monday night, direct from Wahoo (not a warehouse elsewhere as it did with my Clever Training order). Unfortunately, they ship UPS ground, so while it was originally due today, the weather played hell with it and it might be another day. So it’ll be basically two weeks for me from claim to replacement on hand. It took them three days, two emails and a phone call to respond to my claim in the first place, which isn’t good. Combined with the fact that I now need to re-box and ship a 51lb box back to them, along with the fact that my Tickr had plastic connector pieces that broke off after one use, and this is all leaving a sour taste in my mouth with respect to Wahoo’s engineering, quality control, and customer service.

My Elemnt Bolt is a champ. The Tickr works pretty well outside of the manufacturing issues with the strap connections. Not sure if I’m going to purchase any Wahoo products in the future personally, and not likely to recommend them to others at this point.