Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?



My replacement unit developed the ticking/vibration problem after ~3.5 hours. Tickets updated.


2016 version - unplug


Oh boy, I think I’ll keep my first generation Kickr that I bought 2013 so long as I can. Never had any Problems and it still works like a charm :))


had a ticket open for about two weeks. they had me attempt various tests but i couldn’t ever get the tests to work. one was 200 watts for 1 minute, 250 for 1 min, 300 for 1 min…but the kickr snap wouldn’t hold the resistance and i kept spinning with a crazy cadence. They finally asked for Proof of purchase and address. i had a Kickr snap delivered 1 day later. Good customer service experience so far. Also had my Bolt replaced because it wouldn’t work with my Pioneer PM. Had a new one within a day. I’m in Georgia through and they are HQ here.


having an almost identical support experience with the '18 Kickr, long response times and going on two weeks with the problem, personally I’m going to avoid wahoo in the future


We have a Kickr Core which we both use and it is fine, so far. We did have two Tacx Fluxes which both broke so I know the pain and annoyance


After waiting 3+ weeks, I physically received my Kickr 2018 from REI on 11/28/2018 - Serial Number 011839xxxxxx

According to mcneese.chad, it was built in 39th week of 2018 and I should have had a “good” unit.

Truth be told, it was fine for about the first month of use however within the last month, it developed a cyclical droning sound that has gotten worse and as of Sunday (February 3rd), there is now a definite “knocking” sound.

Wahoo is making good on my warranty claim and is shipping a new unit out.

One of the interesting things they stated was " When your replacement arrives, please test to ensure the unit is satisfactory using ONLY the new replacement block as identified by its serial number sticker, shown below:"

I know they had a reported some instances of an electrostatic discharge frying some of the internal circuity which I though was addressed by a new “better grounded” power block.

I just found it interesting they specifically said to only use the new replacement block when the issue I was reporting wasn’t related to a fried circuit board.

I will add that I was told by Wahoo that if my unit was one of the effected units: “If a KICKR were to experience a key related noise, the sound would typically occur within the first 10 hours hours of use.” I am not sure how accurate this statement is at this point.

We’ll see how the new unit works.

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They are fighting (at least) two issues, and the ESD failures are “fairly common”. I suspect they selected a less expensive power block, that lacked grounding, with the debut of the 2018 models. I say this as the issues is “new” to me and I don’t remember seeing anything similar for the 2014-2016-2017 model units. But they are actively dealing with this on the 2018 Kickr and Core models.

While this may be true, I definitely question it in light of how many hours of use that Ray Maker likely did on his unit before it blew up on camera (during the H2 sound comparison test). So I take that with a hefty grain of salt from Wahoo.

That, and their apparent denial of the other vibration issues that are also relatively common on the 2018 models, are a significant black eye for them, IMHO.


The power block replacement addresses the issue with frying the speed sensor due to electrostatic burst. It’s what happened to my Core and appears to affect users in dry areas. I’m sure they don’t want you making a warranty claim down the road about something they already know is an issue.

Still waiting for my Core… One week delivery from Georgia to California. My Core has been sitting at the UPS distribution center five miles from my house since late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Thanks for making shipping a priority, Wahoo. Could’ve at least sprung for Saturday delivery, guys. (For the record if I call UPS to pick it up myself, they take a day to unload it so I wouldn’t get it till Monday either way. I can be lazy… not THAT lazy.)

This process has been incredibly frustrating from start to finish.


nash301…I certainly suppose that would be an easy, no-brainer fix for them to head off like you said any potential warranty claims down the road.

Unfortunately I cannot upload an mp3 file of the recording I made of my Kickr from this past Saturday.

However, that was before things really went south yesterday when I think the key/keyway failed. I have not taken it apart to determine if that is the source of the sound but it went from a droning/humming type of sound prior to yesterday to a distinctive “something mechanical let go” type of sound.

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In regards to “If a KICKR were to experience a key related noise, the sound would typically occur within the first 10 hours hours of use.”, I call bull, sorry. I used mine for two months, six hours a week religiously and then it starting to make a noise on top of a vibration. I worked with REI that I purchased it from, we replaced the key, washer and bolt, the noise went away but the vibration did not. Roughly two months before the noise start (I know the noise, I’ve had three fail, soon to get my fourth), is about 48 plus hours before the noise started, that was the best one btw, lasted the longest. So, 10 might be a little on the light side.

(I’ve also had Wahoo tell me that the noise was very uncommon, then I called back with a second and then a third, first two took 30 days, second as stated, 60 days)


I totally agree with you on this. “uncommon” is in the eye of the beholder here. IF their 3% value is true, that is relatively low based on manufacturing quality tracking. But when that is applied to many thousands (hundreds of…?), that value becomes quite large in a pure integer sense.

For customers with even one failure, it is a big deal. And to get the repeat issues that seem somewhat common from my viewing, that is terrible from a customer experience side.

I know my opinion on Wahoo has shifted a bunch from this episode.


Don’t get me wrong, still like the device. I purchased in August 2018. What scares me at this rate, that one year warranty is coming up quick. A failure every month or two months. Then they send replacements that fail. First thing I’m going to check on the next replacement is if the key, washer and bolt is changed. Going to call it out if not and ask why not? I’m honestly doubting that some with the old parts fail. I think with the old parts, it’s just a matter of time, they will fail.


I apologize if this question has been asked and answered, but does the 1 year warranty clock start over when a new unit is received from Wahoo? I’m assuming it does since you’re registering a new serial number.

It doesn’t mean having to deal with replacements isn’t a hassle, it certainly is no doubt.

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Mine too.

This one trainer failure has had me dissassemble, reassemble and disassemble training wheels, assemble, disassemble and reassemble trainers, etc. I’ve lost probably half a day over the course of two weeks just dealing with this failed Core and the repercussions. It’s been very frustrating, instead of being kind of exciting when you get a new “bike toy”.

Look, the people I talked to at Wahoo were friendly and helpful, but Wahoo’s approach to servicing these failures is anything but customer-centric in my experience (e.g. apparently sending the replacement trainer on the slow boat from China; requiring the customer to box, lug, and ship the old trainer back; slow response times recently, likely due to being overwhelmed with claims.) Really hard for me to recommend Wahoo products anymore.


Received my fourth today (actually my fifth, four failed and one returned). New power supply, upped the amps from 1.5 to 1.7. Wahoo branded power supply versus unbranded, looks like the same location in china where it was made. Ride in the morning. Hoping the best, my goal is to break three months of use this time.

Funny, I was looking at old threads. Anything 011839 and early has the issue (whether or not that really holds true), my first three, 011819, 011830 and 011836. New one is 011845. (think the return fell in the 011839 and lower range also). Again, hoping for the best. Like playing the lottery with a 1200 dollar ticket.


I got my replacement Core last night. Rode Spencer +2 in erg with powermatch. All good so far.


After 1200 km including hard workouts my replaced Kickr18 from end of December is still working smooth and silent, keep you updated


Add me to the list of broken Kickr Core due to the ESD problem: connected, but no speed, no power, no resistance.

I’ve been using it for 2 months with TR wihout problems, bought it directly from 23rd November’18, S/N: 40184501xxx

Ticket to Wahoo CS on 2nd February’19, still waiting…I think it’s going to take long time since I can train again…TrainerRoad trainning plan ruined, cycling calendar ruined, money wasted :frowning:

Date Received Serial Number Failure Date Fate
11/26/2018 01183901387 01/21/2019 Died to ESD.
01/31/2019 01184401430 02/01/2019 Died/dying due to knocking/vibration

New unit on the way.