Anyone created a script to auto import Trainingpeaks workouts (coach issued) to TrainerRoad?


As per the question. I know you can do this via the workout creator but its a ball ache doing it for every scheduled session.



I used to take my coaches workouts and rebuild them with workout builder. It pretty easy to do. You can pop a few out in 20 minutes.

Or I’d find one close enough that had already been built. TSS ans IF close. Basic workout the same.

It takes a special coach to really tailor a workout specific to you. Most repurpose workouts and make a plan for you. IMO, they are there for accountability and understanding the metrics.

With the calendar and tools like I don’t see the need for a coach.

After a year or so, I got rid of the coach and just used TR plans. Saved time and money! I still send him texts of my gains :).