Anyone doing the Epic Rides OZ Trails?


Any TR users headed to Bentonville, AR? Any strategies or plans for the race? This race is my first marathon MTB so I am doing the 35 miler. Is anyone from the TR home office going to be there? Thanks!


Shoot! Bummed I missed this post.

How’d it go @jwellsallen? I rode the majority of that course in April and it blew my mind. Totally unique terrain and very cool town. Wish I could have been there!


@Jonathan: Sorry, it’s take me while to get back; it was a 12 hour round trip from Fort Worth, TX and then I had life to back to with work and family. The ride was awesome. I initially signed up for the 50 and then dropped to the 35 because I am in the middle of CX season (plus it was my first marathon distance race), but I ended up doing an extra 5 but those five were fun and flowly. It rained right before we go into the course and the slate rock was super slick. I don’t know what tire works on slick mud over wet rock. I fortunately didn’t have any tire issues like a lot of the field did (I rode Maxxis Ardent Race). I won’t bore you with the rest of the race report but I stung by bees and passed hard by Lance but I was able to hang on his wheel for maybe two minutes. I finished the course strong, and I count that to TR. You got me interested in doing this race listening to the MTB podcast. Epic Rides puts on a great event, and I will being going back next year. Hopefully, my wife will be able to come and we can enjoy the scene more. I was in and out of Bentonville but downtown was great. Todd stated at the pre-race meeting that 75% of the riders were from out of state. Also, I have plans to going to Carson City Off Road next year as we have friends in Ventura that ride MTB. Good luck at the Old Pueblo!