Anyone else getting addicted to this forum?


Chad probably doesn’t have forum admin privs.

General rule: unless someone needs and regularly uses admin access to a system, it’s best not to grant it.


We need another set of badges :thinking: most visits would be AllRoads?! Marketing mojo running low at 5pm :man_shrugging:



Joking aside, the forum is good because of the community!! This one is so much better than other forums I’ve been on.


I come on from time to time but it gets to the point where there’s so much to catch up on it can be a bit daunting. I will say though, the good threads are usually REALLY good.


Time for a Bell curve graph :wink: ?


chadLeader: can I refer you to the thread Separated by a common language - Understanding English?


Based on my figures as a late joiner I definitely have a problem! :joy:

Actually, I have also spent less time on other fora as a result, Primarily for the positive nature of this place and also the focus on things that interest me.

My job involves a lot of problem solving and resolution, often when I’m not the subject matter expert so I have a natural tendency to deep dive into new learning and I can assimilate information pretty quickly. A trait that carries over into my personal life and interests. So if someone asks a question that interests me, I can’t really rest until I know the answer myself!


Phew, I’m not on there. I’m not an addict. :grinning:


depends how you filter :wink:


wow… I thought I was addicted, but you guys are on another level! No thread goes unread with some of you!

I’m still kind of up there for the posts read category, I guess I just hover in specific threads or else get even more addicted.


I have not looked at Slowtwitch for a month and that was my goto training site.


I don’t bother with any other forums,this has everything I need and the answers I read on the posts are very detailed.


Pretty sure your user name is cropping up on most of the threads I read :joy::joy::joy:


Also, he drinks! :wink:


Very excited I didn’t make either of top 10 lists thus far


Case in point: I’m checking this in between 20mins at 90% lol


I just made "aficionado’…

Is that like being jumped into a gang?


My work productivity has definitely taken a significant hit :flushed:


Sarcasm… the communication practice that succeeds so well in pure text form… without any help from emoji’s or other indicators… :wink:


Sarcasm…the forum moderator’s nemesis.