Anyone have a Vasa? Feedback from users

Looking for anyone that has a vasa that can give me some advice. Due to time constraints I am seeing if the vasa could be a viable option instead of going to the pool. I am not against going to the pool just looking for a little more convenience for some 70.3’s I have planned in 2020.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Erica,
After moving to a new city where no pools were convenient enough, I lobbied my employer to get a Vasa. We got one six months ago.
I haven’t competed in triathlons this year, so it’s hard to say whether doing Vasa only would be enough, but it certainly feels positive.
A big plus for me is to be able to see the power output as I go. Also, I try to follow recommendations to keep good technique, chiefly with keeping elbows high.
Overall, I’m really happy I have one available.