Anyone have experience with Hunt wheels?

I too am looking to purchase some Hunt wheels (probably the Hunt 40/50 Aero Disk Wheelset) around May, providing they have some in stock at that time. These will be imported into the USA and shipped to Washington State, The price of the wheels in US dollars is $1031 according to Hunt’s web site. Via their website link I have searched the US Customs web pages to attemp to discern what the import fees might be (beings they’re over the $800 duty free tax limit). This was a two hour investigative task which I could not find anything definitive regarding import duties on imported bicycle wheels. I found things on derailleurs, bar tape, etc. though.

So for those of you in the US that have purchased Hunt wheels, what was the approximate duty tax you had to pay? And I’m sure you had to pay state sales tax on top of that?

Were there any additional fees or charges you had to pay such as shipping costs?



I’ve bought two pairs of Hunts about a year apart. Weirdly enough, no duty for the first pair, the second pair was around $100 if I recall correctly. Not sure how I didn’t pay the first time.

I have a set of Hunt wheels due to arrive in the US later this week. I’ll let you know if I get charged any sort of import duty.

Thanks. Keep me informed if you would.

Hunt shipped my wheels on 1/28 and should be delivered to MN on 1/30. I did get an import duty charge of $113 for wheels that were $971

Thanks @headstart for the information regarding the import duty. $1084 total for a nice pair of carbon wheels is very reasonable. Were there any additional shipping charges above the $1084 such as for UPS or FedX?

Which wheelset did you purchase if you don’t mind me asking?

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I bought the Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide. Cost was $971 and shipping was an $18 for $989 total, with duty fees on top of that. The wheels are for my Open Wi.De.


I’m riding a set of Aero 50’s, and some 30’s and cannot fault them at all. They spin up well and once up to speed, the 50’s are amazing.
I’ve always been in touch with Olly here in the UK, and I cannot think of a better guy to front up their sales. I’ve had solid rapport from day one with him, with excellent technical info provided as and when I’ve needed to pick his brains.
Love 'em.

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So I’m wondering how “noisy” are the Hunt freehubs? I have an older set of aluminum Flow 32s I purchased in about 2014 that are fairly loud when coasting. The freehub is a 3 prawl/spring design, which I believe is similar to what Hunt uses? Some reviews I’ve looked at said that the Hunt freehub is (paraphrasing) about the loudest they’ve encountered. My Flo’s are about the loudest on the grouprides. While this is not terrible it still is disconcerting and I’m wishing to get something a little more on the quieter side without the unappealing ratcheting sound. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Just bought a pair of the carbon 50 and they shipping date got pushed back so they offered free tires. I guess that works

It’s been too cold to ride outside since my Hunts arrived but hopefully this weekend it will warm up this weekend. I’ll let you know how the freehub sounds, but in the stand it seems normal.

Have you tried cleaning out and putting new grease on the pawls of your current Hunts to quiet them down?

(Sorry for some confusion in my wording, The wheels I have are on an older bike and are older Flo wheels). Yes, I’ve tried thin grease, thick grease, light application and heavy application. On my new bike the factory supplied DT Swiss E1800 Disc aluminum wheels are a fair amount quieter. That’s encouraging that your Hunt’s sound “normal”. Thanks.

I have some race aero wides, and the freehub isn’t loud. I haven’t really heard anyone say Hunt’s have loud freehubs either. Give them a call if you’re concerned.

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Contrary to the above my experience of 3 sets of Hunts (only kept 1 set) and all had very loud freehubs. Useful on the MTB IMHO as some of the trails where I ride are shared use, so you get people, horses and bikes. On the road I found the loud hub really irritating on the short ride I did before returning them though. The carbon rims seemed to amplify the sound.

My DT Swiss wheels are quiet (3 pawl 350 based hubs, 2 sets DT branded and 1 set Synchros). Ideal for road, cheap and easy to service (if you ever need to). For MTB near my house I’d appreciate a little more volume.

I have one set of Shimano hub wheels and they are slightly louder than DT. Could still be louder for busy trails in the woods near me.

I do have one set of Giant wheels which are relegated to trainer use (made of chocolate) and the freehub is somewhere in the middle in volume but with a hint of self destruction to the noise. They are also quite draggy, not to mention the spokes unwinding themselves.

Hunt have different freehubs on different wheels. Might depend on the wheel. And also on your definition of ‘loud’.


Quick response with my own experience.

I bought a set of the race aero wide wheels with Shimano freehubs for a bike I own abroad. The wheels turned up well packaged but weren’t true and on the first ride out it appears that some metal filings from the rim have come away, embedding themselves into the pad and scoring the rim itself.

Overall not too impressed but as the wheels were over in Portugal at this stage there’s no chance to return them. I didn’t feel the Hubs rolled any better than the Zondas they replaced.

So not a bad experience as such but not the best. Nice looking Wheelset but I doubt I’d buy another given the costs.

Very loud. But depends on the model. I have a set of 30 Carbon Gravel that are fine, but my 50 Carbon Aero set are the loudest wheels I’ve ever used. Great wheels though.