Anyone over 50 at 4 watt/kg? Can I make it? (Long)

I’m 57 years old 65.5K. My goal is 4W/K. At my age I know I’m racing against time.

Started SSB low vol in November ‘19 with FTP 223 (3.4W/K). Finished SSB Part I, took a week off for vacation, then finished Part II last week. I just did a 20 min FTP test and got 235 (3.6W/K).

I’m starting General Build low vol now. Hoping that phase will raise my ratio another 0.2, bringing me to 3.8. Then I’ll be in striking distance of 4.

Consistency seems to be the key. In addition to the three low vol TR workouts each week, I do a 2-3 hour group ride and try to keep that in Zone 2 other than a couple climbs.

Lots of sleep, lots of salads and other whole foods, cut way back on beer.

I refuse to believe it’s not possible to reach 4W/K after 50. It’s my goal to prove that.


It’s doable…but a lot easier if you weigh 60kg like me :grinning: shame that doesn’t help me in UK time trials unless it is really hilly :frowning_face:

Hi, I’ve managed to reach it as a peak for each of the last three years (I am about to hit 53 years old) through a combination of rigorous endurance diet and structured training (sweet spot seems to do the best in FTP gains and weight loss for me). I would say that sustaining it has been difficult, so timing the peak to hit my events hasn’t always worked, as i’ve tended to peak to early, but I can keep >3.8 W/KG without too much effort(didn’t have Plan Builder back then). FYI, I was doing multi-day endurance events liked Haute Route and Cents Cols.

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I cant say I needed much much adaption, just rode lots. According to Chad’s Strength Training Calculator I’m a sprinter. I t does make sense; It’s easier for me doing Short Power Build than SSB and according to some posts in other threads I could benefit from doing longer Z2 rides with all that fasttwichers. One obvious thing I noticed was that I got much better at riding at Sweetspot intensity and clearing lactate.

Not much structure there but you can have a peek at my profile from June to August 2019. To bad I got a virus which screwed things up before I got a chance to do a proper test…

Edit: I might add that I’m at 69 kg when in shape. FTP on a good day is 243w so 4.0 is within reach and has been a goal for me some time now, maybe in 2020 :grin:

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Interesting post…I’m not sure I can add anything new beyond the great insights that have already been shared other than to be another example of one who is currently sitting at 4.1 watts/kg at age 56. I have been riding and competing for about 10 years but only started using a Power Meter and following a more structured plan, through TrainerRoad, over the past year. My 1st FTP test showed a result of 294 Watts while the most recent FTP test last week showed progress to 318.

It can be done! (Full disclosure: although I had been a collegiate wrestler in the early 80’s at a Big 10 University, I do not think much of that prior fitness from 35+ years ago had much to do with my current cycling fitness results. Perhaps it is more mental and be willing to endure pain; that is one thing the two sports have in common!

If you are a fellow Hawkeye, much respect for being one of Gable’s guys.

If not? Much respect then too!

Nope, not Iowa! I was a Boilermaker!