Anyone take Creatine? How has it affected performance?

I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 2 years now and a friend recently recommended I supplement my diet with creatine. An hour’s worth of googling has returned a few blogs and fitness related studies that suggest it could help with Anaerobic efforts and general cognitive functions.

Does anyone have experience with this? I don’t want to gain much in the way of weight, but I’m 5’7’’ and 128 lbs so I have a bit of room to experiment with during my upcoming build phase of TR.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Thanks! I just realized there’s a very obvious search function - should have used that!

No worries.

FWIW - I went down this road recently thinking it would help my leg strength and improve my cycling (trainer). What I found was zero improvement on the bike, negligible results in the gym and felt bloated. I ended up quitting after 3 months.

Good to know! Thanks for sharing your experience.

I gained about 2#'s and maybe…maybe can lift harder? But I’m not sure. My goal was to help preserve muscle mass, I’m 50, 190 pounds, 12.5% fat via dexa.

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My suggestion is always to stick to a good diet (you’re already on the right path) and only take suppliments if your blood tests show that you’re deficient in certain areas.


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It gave me low grade headaches after a day or two of consistent use. I don’t remember the dose but it was the normal recommend amount for me (6’4", 185lb) and not a loading dose. Always occurred each time I went on it. Wasn’t worth taking if I was going to have headaches all the time. So I have a ton of creatine in the basement I don’t use now…

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