Anyone try turning off the ERG Power Smoothing?


Tried turning off ERG power smoothing in the Wahoo App after watching GP Lama’s little video. Almost seemed too easy to hit the wattage targets. As long as I kept the cadence up it was almost an easy spin. It just didn’t feel realistic at all.


Erg power smoothing is just a polite way of saying that Wahoo Kickr is lying… It should be off by default IMHO.


Yup, turned off right from the start. More realistic power reporting.


More realistic reporting for sure but the resistance seemed way too easy.


It shouldn’t change the resistance at all - are you sure something else wasn’t going on?


Not sure…I never felt the resistance ramp up if my cadence dropped or if the power fell below the required wattage of the interval…once I got the flywheel wound up it almost seemed like I was cheating.


The ride looks ‘off’ for a smart trainer. You aren’t dropping all the way down to the target power in the recovery valleys - but the valleys are targeting 94 watts, so it shouldn’t be below the power floor of the trainer. It’s hard to say - just feels like something else was going on.

Is the only thing you changed the power smoothing setting?


That was the only thing I changed and I do a spindown before every ride. I’ve had the issue with recovery valleys before…its hard to get below 100 watts unless I stop pedalling then start up again.


Do you warm up for a few minutes before you do the spindowns? Just curious, I definitely don’t do one everyday, I don’t even do one every week. When I do one now I usually wait till I’m done with a workout.

Still none of that would explain why the power level is higher during the recovery intervals.


Yeah…I do a 10 minute warm up workout that I made in workout creator…then I do a spindown…then on to the main workout. The valleys in my warm up are 117 watts…seems to work ok there.