Anyone using HRV? (Heart Rate Variability)



I just put the HR strap on for a couple of minutes in the morning to take the reading. My wife already thinks I’m strange for riding my bike in the shed, without me wearing a HR strap to bed as well :grin:

I’ve never used any sleep tracking apps. The Polar H10 has got Bluetooth connectivity though, so I assume would work with most apps.


I do the same with a hr strap and HRV4Training in the morning. It seems easier to me than using my camera.

It’s worth noting that not every hr sensor can provide that information to the app.


I use Biostrap when sleeping. It measures multiple things such as Sleep, O2 saturtion, etc. So far I like it. #Notsponsored.


I used the “Sleeptracker” app for iphone for awhile. You put the phone nearby on the bed, and it uses motion sensors to detect your duration and quality of sleep. It gives you a “score” based on sleep efficiency (whatever that means) and duration relative to your goal sleep amount.

You can also set it up to record any snoring or apnea events, which it did reasonably well. It has an alarm function that times the wakeup within a user-selectable window, presumably to wake you at the right time of your sleep cycle, if possible without going over the set wake-up time. My only complaint is that if you snooze the alarm and go back to sleep, it doesn’t include this in your sleep duration.


Mostly I’d be interested in an app that tells me “you are asleep.” As far as I know, sleep tracking apps are notoriously bad at actually determining different sleep stages so I’m skeptical about the alarm functions.


That’s really all I use mine for, I only give passing glance to my “sleep stages” it’s mostly just to see how long I sleep. I also use the sound recording to tell if I’m snoring excessively, I use pillow by the way.

I’ve been using HRV4Training for a month or so now, and I am pretty impressed with its ability to discern how I feel. Pretty much if it says I’m sucking, it’s right. More to follow on this one I’m sure.