App Update Log?


Hey TR Team I did a search for this but didn’t find anything. If my google-fu is failing me, please point me in the right direction.

Is there a log of the updates/bug fixes/etc for each platform? If there isn’t, the nerd inside me is asking for one. Maybe on the page or even built into the apps themselves?

I was just prompted to update my mac software (no complaints btw . . . this is far better than excel files and workouts penciled into a desk calendar).



Hey there! We include release notes in a popup after each app update, but don’t currently have a place where all our release notes are compiled on a section of our website.

For this latest update, here’s the information if you missed it:

Mac - 2018.46.0.87342

  • Fixed a problem with zero TSS showing.
  • Extend Warmup and Cooldown

Our next production release will come from our current Beta, which has these changes over your version:

Mac - 2018.48.0.87346

  • Fixed a problem with Ramp Test and FTP Prompt.
  • Fixed a problem with Trainer modes persisting in a ride.
  • Fixed a problem with the TSS of completed other activities not being reported correctly.


@larry I noticed on the extend warm-up/cool-down there’s no way to revert if you added too much time. You can keep adding but not necessarily remove it. Cheers, mate!



Thanks bruh!

FWIW, might be cool to have that log located somewhere so users can see the TR Engineers’ progress. Maybe even in the app itself? I picked this idea up from the update queue in the Apple App Store and also from BikeCAD

Anywho. Thanks for all the great work!