Apple TV+IpadPro+TrainerRoad


Hi all,

Is anybody using Ipad Pro+ AppleTV + TrainerRoad Trio.

I would like to know how resolution, delay, etc.



I have the above two but never tried it or in fact even thought about it. Was wondering if TrainerRoad had thought about an Apple TV app.
Saying all that, I will try this out and report back how it reacts.


We have considered the possibility of supporting Apple TV, however, the amount of development required to support the Apple TV platform is unfortuantely not in the cards right now. We feel that there are other avenues of Development that will have a much greater impact on making our users faster, such as the addition of Performance Analytics, Calendar, the forum, and other related improvements :slight_smile:


If it’s any help to you I use my phone and screen cast to my Apple TV. iPhone 6s+ and Apple TV 3. Works perfectly. I even have iTunes on at the same time playing through the TV. Shouldn’t see why your iPad would be any different.


Quickly tried it with iPad Pro. Usual borders but works with no issues, slight lag around a half second if even that but usable.
Many thanks for the reply Bryce, I understand why TrainerRoad are developing as they are and more than happy with it.


This is how I use iPad mini and Apple TV with TrainerRoad. TR on the mini while watching 1990 Liege Baston Liege on YouTube, and some good music in the background! :blush:


Tested IPad Pro and Apple TV. Slight delay but works. Thanks for all the responses