Are over-under workouts suppose to be this hard?


Yes, that does occur, after 60 sec I’m usually back to “normal”, but that first 30 seconds of lactic dump is as close to a 10/10 on the pain scale as anything I’ve experienced on the bike. And it just gets worse as the workout progresses, e.g. I did Leconte yesterday and I had to stop 3x during the last interval before I finally finished.

I know what you’re saying, but it’s definitely not mental; it’s all physical and I’m not looking forward to doing all the work necessary to become stronger @threshold.


Yep, agreed. Did Leconte two weeks ago and then Mary Austin today and was far more difficult than was anticipating. I’m glad you guys get back to normal after 60 sec, as I never feel normal again until about an hour after the workout is done🤪


Those sat workouts on the ssb2 block are really really tough the last 2 to 3 weeks. I usually call them hell on rollers. I have used any excuse possible to swap out an outdoor ride when those are on my schedule.


Amazing how different everyone is. I love that drop in power and look forward to it the entire time I’m in an over section


Same here, I look forwards to it immensely. However, I only enjoy it for about 20 seconds before it too starts to bite, then not long after it’s back up over FTP :frowning:


Interesting reading everybody’s varying experiences of O/Us.

I did Palisade last night and while it was uncomfortable, managed it fine. Possibly my FTP is set too low? I only started to feel the burn in the legs on the last over of the last interval, after 1hr 20m. Average HR was 76% of max for the workout, and max HR peaked during the last interval at 91% of max.

I did a ramp test 4 or 5 weeks before embarking on SSB 2, low volume and am using that FTP. Do I need to revisit that?


Sounds like you have seen an increase in FTP to me :slight_smile:


Probably so - I just did Palisade myself and it was a war


Could be FTP too low, or it could be you are just well suited to over unders. Personally, I feel for everyone in this thread as over unders are not nearly that hard for me. On the other hand, VO2Max is basically impossible for me to complete as prescribed. I’m naturally well suited to anything right around FTP, but absolutely awful at anything on either extreme.


Will be starting SSB mid vol 2 on Tuesday 13th and quite nervous about the vo2 max work.

I found the over unders immensely hard in mid 1 but got there. Am hoping that will lead to increase in FTP on that Tuesday- but also wondering how I’ll cope with the impact that has on the next plan.


Yep, that’s exactly how I feel too. I find over/unders (comparatively) easy, whereas I don’t think I have ever finished a VO2max workout at the prescribed level!

I have a decent snap in a sprint, but repeated efforts in the VO2max realm smokes me completely. Ahh well, at least then I know what to work on :rofl:


Hey! Hey! Hey!
You VO2 wussies stop trying to steal the pitiful thunder from us O/U weaklings!


Put me in the camp that all of it seems hard all of the time!


Over/under workouts are very, very tough


Me too! I have such a hard time finishing vo2 workouts. O/u’s are tough too but not vo2 level tough.


Check out my thread about film starting this plan on that date… be good to share as we go through it… :+1:


I get, through 1 1/2 intervals and then I am cooked.