Are over-under workouts suppose to be this hard?

Yup. Same deal, I did SPBHV and SSBHV and the last few minutes of the ramp tests were becoming so terrible I had to switch to a different protocol! The saving grace is that VO2 fitness comes along relatively quickly so it shouldn’t suck for more than a couple of weeks.

I will, however, admit to doing a bunch of O/U workouts on purpose (wtf?!?). I did them the previous year before joining TR and OMG were they horrible! Ha! So I bit the bullet hard and trained to turn that weakness into a strength. If you took a poll of the most loathed/feared workouts it’d probably be a 50/50 split between O/U and VO2max.

Over-unders are my Kryptonite! I don’t think I’ve finished one as prescribed yet. Give me just about any other type of workout and I’ll get through it.

Oddly, over-unders are my bread and butter. It’s the workout the following day that ends up tearing me to shreds because of the latent fatigue.

Now put me on 2 or 3-minute VO2 intervals and I’ll rarely complete them as prescribed. The intense fluctuations of my heart rate up and down that quickly just crushes me. Feels much more steady with over-unders for me.

I find over under easier than holding threshold or high ssweetspot. I’m mentally weak and like the short segments

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Over unders should be NAMED instead PAIN over PAIN.

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Did Palisade today after a 7W FTP increase half way though SSBMV1 (Running alternate 3:1 work/rest variant) this week.

Hardest workout I’ve ever done…period! HR constently peaking around 95% of max. Over/Unders are not my strenght. Also, probably not smart increasing your FTP throughout SSBMV1, because the workouts are already getting harder every week.

Not looking foreward to McAdie +1 next week.

You’re a rare breed. I’m the exact opposite. Give me a 9 min interval @ 105%FTP, I’ll nail it. Give me a 9 min over/under interval that fluctuates between 95% and 105%FTP and I’m smashed.

I think it’s a mental thing more than anything - being able to deal with that really uncomfortable “recovery” section. I like to go hard, settle in and when I recover, I just noodle.

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Yep, me too!

I don’t mind over and unders, I certainly don’t find them easy but I much prefer them to long intervals at or just above ftp, those are just mind numbing.

You aren’t the only one. I prefer supathreshold efforts over overunders every time.

Actually I’m beginning to wonder if I can just replace my overunder workouts with supathreshold efforts at 105% for the same time.

+1 on the miserable side here :joy: absolutely botched Palisade today, did 2 full sets of U/O, next 2 were a joke, didn’t even attempt the fifth one… Granted I have been in the sick house for a week but still, U/O are mean :rofl: